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Com. So what is you know? Obviously being bengals podcast. There's a lot of Ohio state fans that are crossing over as bengals fans as well What do you think is going on Haskins? How do you think do with a new coaching staff in place so I tell us to be a lot? I didn't ask you. This is going to be the redskins starting quarterback in twenty twenty. I am ninety nine point. Nine percent sure There's a couple of reasons for this. One runner veer literally said it in an interview yesterday where they went out. They traded for Allen. 'cause they desperately needed the backup quarterback hall of Fame Coach. Redskins coach. Joe Gibbs once said the backup quarterback is the second most important position on the football team. They needed one pretty badly. They went out gave up a fit for Kyle. What that does is it brings in another young guy who can't compete with twin haskins through training camp but is not so talented. Like maybe Philip Rivers. would have been where people just think that okay. He's just GonNa win the job. The expectation is that Dwayne Haskins will go in win. They're going in with the thought process that he is the starting quarterback though if via training Camp Kyle Allen is just head and shoulders better than Dwayne. They'll go with him. I think that more than likely takes the option of two off the table or just in Herbert or they wanted look that way at to the only way. I think they would at all consider quarterback too is if the Cincinnati bengals decided that they wanted to take a chase young. I don't think they would like ninety. Nine point nine nine. I'm a hundred percent. Sure the take quarterback right. So odds are Dwayne has twenty twenty. He was also in my opinion. I think Dwayne has was put in the worst possible situation of all of the higher tier rookie quarterback's he was brought in by coach. That didn't want him In a system. That is not friendly to quarterbacks early. Alex Smith struggled heavily when he came over to Washington really really struggled to pick up the system early Kirk cousins and robbery. Third Colt McCoy were all horrendous earlier. J. Green System. It's a very quarterback friendly system but it takes a long time to learn and for haskins coming out of in Ohio State. Offense that is not a it was a bit of a transition now. I also say that when you see Dwayne Haskins if you go watch. The first appearance. Dwayne Haskins made week five against the giants and then look at him play the giants again week. Sixteen in his last appearance of the regular season there was no quarterback in the NFL that showed more improvement from their first week this year to last week this year that goes for Cuyler Murray that goes for Daniel Jones. It goes for drew lock Haskins was not good to start the season. He was his first three appearances. Were as emergency backup. Quarterbacks that's not good for a rookie quarterback you don't have the game plan set for you. You still haven't learned everything. Defensive are just GonNa come after you still struggle in his last games. In the last four weeks of the season Dwayne Haskins was second only air rogers in qb ratings and completion percentage. There's a lot to light from last year but you have to look at it in a vacuum and you have to understand that with context on numbers are not equal so coming in this year. I think the Redskins are going to view this as a is doing Haskins Our Franchise quarterback or not if you really struggles. Then they're probably picking top-five they're GONNA go out. Get a guy like Trevor Lawrence. Justin feels if he's average to above average there picking anywhere from like ten to eighteen. Then you're thinking okay well give it another year. We'll try and give him some more help. We'll take good player here at the next year. You know you're three in his career will really know what kind of quarterback is or if he has a major sophomore. Leap under new coaching staff. Under team that's really invested in him as the starting quarterback. Then you know you have your franchise guy. So that's kind of the situation with where Dwayne Haskins is and I would. I would bet a lot including probably my life. That dwayne Hassans is going to be the starting quarterback in twenty twenty unless Kyle is a god entering a couple of things. Number one will say is that. I'm not saying it's an easy system for quarterbacks but antidote what nine and seven and went to the playoffs as a rookie plan under under Jay. Gruden bingles roster was noticeably better than the redskins roster. Yeah yeah the very very valid point. I gotTa give me some love. 'cause we're even more than usual because we can't go away but Well we can get him to go away. They're just they're just not getting anything out of them right now. It's a bit frustrating. I don't know I. I think it might just take a little time because I think people are waiting. 'cause obviously you know people talk about. Tom. Brady was the first domino. But that doesn't mean any of the second domino and and it's going to be tough because I think everybody should be interested in Cam. But they're GONNA WANNA they're gonNA WANNA give them a physical they're gonna WanNa see him throw and you can't do that right now so. I mean something could happen late. I haven't I haven't completely given up on it. I mean I'd imagine that they're going to get some kind of draft capital. It's just it's not gonna be what it should be because I do think that Andy Dalton is still like a. You know. Top twenty five to eighteen quarterback. It's it's very obvious the bengals are gonNA move on. They're going to take a franchise quarterback Replace Dalton why don't why give up much resources at all right when you could just wait. See what comes armed is like just signed him without having the pain. Yeah absolutely and and it is certainly a sexier pickup to edit. Pr Better Eighty. Don't might win you more games this year than Cam Newton depending on what Cam Newton situation is But ended don't necessarily put butts in the seats and an even if he's not as old self people come out to see Cam Newton. And I don't even think it's debatable. Right if cabins fully healthy if you get one hundred percent game. Numerous one hundred percent eighty dollars and I still. That can be used to better quarterback. Oh absolutely absolutely in these. Quarterbacks rates have been crazy I mean you know the the the top guys top guys who are on the trade market that is going for like fourth round picks and then exactly. Didn't you guys give up in fifth round? Pick for for Allen so it's Probably THAT'S THE WINDOW. It's a pretty tight pre title window in there But yeah you know you make some good points about Haskins too and it always bug me. During the pre draft prospect process. Last year the the knock on Haskins was that he have enough experience and people wanted him to go somewhere where he could sit for a year which makes no sense. He doesn't have enough experience to. Let's put him on the bench And that's essentially what would happen with the redskins and when you're the emergency quarterback you're not getting reps in practice you know so It will be interesting. It stinks just like it stinks for everybody but that he's not get a probably end up getting OTA's But having him as the number one guy throughout camp getting all the number one reps you know having the game plan built around what he can do what he likes. Now you're putting him in a position where yet you can actually see if he is the guy giving him a chance to succeed and give them the experience like like people say you know. He didn't he didn't have enough reps. Ohio state will he's GonNa get perhaps in the NFL or it's not gonna get better by By watching Cole McCoy you know what I mean exactly and I think it's going to be huge and honesty. The quarterback play cannot get worse than it was last year especially given how dwayne improved throughout the season. So we're talking a lot about one. Ohio state one former. Ohio state quarterback The one that won other competitions. So let's Let's talk about what? What are your thoughts on Jober? Who is your job borough? Nfl Calm so when talking about allowing Michael was Miller. Tony Romo which people here are like a wonderful Tony? Romo is not a good quarterback with while. I don't remember Tony Romo was a bit of a Ed Gaze. At times in terms of how he played Sometimes as you saw some dazzling of sags making beautiful play forty yards down the field on something. That really should have happened at all. You get that from Joe Borough a lot and sometimes you also get the you try to make that play you get picked off that you didn't see that from Joe broke often but jober also wasn't playing in the NFL right. So I do think that the idea of these capabilities lacks real elite armed talent but is a very intangible based quarterback. I do think that Juba Resembles Tony. Romo a lot in that aspect. Yeah and that's that's a pretty common one of us want to hear quite a bit and Indefinitely you see we're talking about there and there's definitely a solid one so you know he is a He's a welcome new force in Cincinnati. And we're all looking very much a forward to making it official so I now I do have to admit I kind of want them to take Justin herber. Only because I have a lot of tweets saved saying that there is no plausible way. The Justice Herbert could even be considered And it would be really funny tweet those out but I do think that jober should be picky one and marketed on twitter for a while. Oh I don't even know what would happen. I mean Herbert. Jeez young anybody like I don't I. I don't even know what would happen in this in this fan base. If they didn't take Joe Bro. At this point it would be pure insanity How people would react me and maybe crazy to not lick at least be hitting it by now took to lessen the blow of it a little bit that could that could definitely get ugly Now I mentioned pro football network blue-chip scouting were working. They following on twitter or anywhere else. They can find work. Please please. Please follow me on twitter at M. V. Scouting If you have something irrational crazy to say and you don't know who to say to police tweeted me I would love to argue with you for hours is my favorite thing to do. Is My favorite pastime Jeff Legal Follow Me Adam vs gathering..

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