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Crippled the team. So here's my suggestion. What i think is going to happen with claim berg. I think he's gonna get eight years. I think he is. He's going to. He's going to spend a good portion of the rest of his career about the stars. He is not going to make more. The mayor has skin and i. I'm like ninety to ninety five percent confident in saying that. So it if it's more it's like a hundred thousand dollars more or two hundred thousand dollars more kind of like how sagan just makes barely more than jamie been. I see that situation happening again for klingberg about eight and a half i would say about eight and a half eight three quarters somewhere around there at most. Would i hope he signs for is about is somewhere between this point. Five to eight million dollar range. And i know that his agent is going to point to that darnell nurse contract and that set jones contract and say hey my player drunk laingsburg is much better than both of those guys. He deserves more. That's not going to happen with the stars and if it gets to that point in the sars or out of the play offs i can. I feel confident in saying predicting that john claim berg will be traded at the trade deadline. If there's no extension made at that point. Just because he i mean he he'll find a team that that will give him nine. And a half ten million dollars. I mean he was on the trade bloc this past season yes so i mean i think a good contract a team friendly contract will say we'll use correct. Terms would be a million dollars if we inside him. Eight by eight that that would be what's best for the dallas stars. What i think is likely is. He's going to get the same thing. I think he's gonna get nine point two five especially nurse. Yeah really yeah really. wow okay. he's he's worth it if he hasn't if he plays the same exact way as he did this next season. Which is is forty plus points which is ridiculous. Yeah i i'm not saying he's not a good player and i'm not saying he's worth it. But the way that this that geno structured the stars. Jim nill give it to. I want to see. And that's what he's gonna get so whether it's from the stars or anybody period he's going to get nine point two five. That's what i'm thinking. I i think the stars could we could be in it at nine point two five. Maybe just depends how much jim nill thinks he's worth but yeah i think he's getting nine million at least in my opinion and hopefully he just likes the stars in and wants to try and win a cup and he takes eight. But that's that's not likely you gotta you gotta make your money. You gotta take care of your people. So i i'm guessing over nine and here's two thoughts that i've got first off clambered i think is either in his prime or just passes prime right. He's not getting. I right so the thing is that and i hate the way that the contracts are nowadays but contracts nowadays are signed based off of what..

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