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So i got to say i'll jump back in here then with my wide receiver started the week the marius thomas the chiefs the chiefs are allowing the most fantasy poised to wide receivers they're giving up thirteen receptions per week the past three weeks to the wide receiver position yes i know that casey hayward got married thomas last week shut them down he did have the eighty yard offense a pass interference that got wiped out unfortunately but we're just two weeks removed from him dominating the giants ten plus percent or ten receptions hundred yards i loved mary thomas this week the only the only thing that would stop tomase thomas is if the offense of light cannot hold up against the chiefs which certainly is a danger but i loved mary thomas this week yes uh i i white demerits thomas thomas's we but when you say the only thing that could stop him is something that probably will happen that's a little a little bit elders certain my started the week at the wide receiver position is kelvin benjamin you've got a really bad performance last week by the entire carolina offense and the question of is this cam is this what's to be expected in than we were looking for going you know look we we by we i mean my can i don't believe the cam newton is a great quarterback but he has been able to get the job done for fantasy and when we looked at the upcoming schedule it's very nice and it starts with tampa bay tampa bay's defense against the wide receivers have been the second worst in the league sports giving up points to the position.

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