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She started tell a better training interacting spirit they said no i need to know if you're good and and he said that if he was going to introduce that if he was going to introduce your amtel directors and producers that eating you know if she was any good and quote he kept repeating it and then she said she offered you provided with their real upper acting work and he said they had a slight smile on his face lisi and the fact that he was sitting said close early cow she started to feel flickinger stomach and the thing that she knew uh she alleged that he had other dipped is why and pulled out his um if painted and at our heart started pounding in mind racing and didn't know how to deal with it helps you get out of it she which wondering how she you know what house it's happening and then she alleged that he grabbed her hand and polled her toward ten and forced her hand onto his peanuts and held it there and she was just throw than with theor she said just try to remain calm try not to seek out because after all she said there was nobody else the office and she kept up the like you know uh let me think about what you're offering i'll get back you but you go now to get them into play and i need give me there soon because we at rehearse she said she was just rambling and that he pulled her that she pulled her hand away a casually she could and that she beat port that he told the pits with how things worked in hollywood and they're all of the actors is that it made it had made it this way and she alleged that he said name anyone any actress you can think of this now they made and quote and she said he spelled it out there and told her that first heat that she would at that she'd have sex with him and then he would take her to party and show her who she needed to sleep with after that he first needed to know quote how good i was and close she said and he told her.

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