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This is only a drill government experts will this week. So they know what to do if earth an asteroid alive. I'm Jan Johnson headed it was more about crime and punishment coming up later on. It's all a head on America in the morning. Seven minutes after the hour. The rabbi wounded in Saturday's shooting inside a southern California synagogue credits a miracle and a few heroes for stopping what the rabbi says could have been a bloodbath. Jim Roope has the story. Israel Goldstein says as he walked into the lobby of power Saturday morning. He couldn't believe his eyes. Here is a young man. With a rifle rabbi goal seen says the man was wearing sunglasses had several magazine clips attached to upper body. More shots came running right at raises his hands to shield himself as he was hit losing the index finger on his right hand surgery was later done to repair the damage to his left hand, but a founding member of the synagogue Laurie K was hit. We're told she put herself between the gunman and the rabbi saving his life and losing her. Site. I could've seen. He says he wrapped his hand in a prayer shawl and ran to the children playing in the Bank would hall yelling for them to get out. He says then divine intervention. Miraculous ly- the gun. Shame. He says at the service was an off-duty border patrol agent. Jonathan morale. The rabbi has made a request before Morales. I'm yourself in. You are here we never know what will need it. They needed it Saturday morning and Morales and another man sprang into action jumped out in pursuit. Oscar, Stu it. A former soldier he tried to tackle down the gunman. Go and says, it could have been much worse. If not for the gun jamming and the two men who pursued the shooter he could've as easily turned left gone into the sanctuary with the seats full for the memorial service. And he could have just used all of this clips that he had and it could have been such a bloodbath. The gunman escaped only to turn himself in just a few minutes and only seven miles from the scene the alleged shooter a nineteen year old local college student how the nineteen year old teenager had dusty the sickness the hatred question. The suspect's family would like cancer the family released a statement that reason part that their son's actions were quote. Formed by people we do not know and ideas, we do not hold and quote and goes on to say quote to our great shame. He is part of the history of evil that has been perpetrated on Jewish people for centuries. The rabbi suggests perhaps a moment of silence should be reintroduced in public schools. Not a moment of prayer. Just a moment which soldier can start today. With puzzling thinking why about created why am I here? And what am I going to do? Laurie K was laid to rest Monday. The gunman is doing court tomorrow. I'm Jim Roope in separate story. An army veteran is now behind bars on terrorism charges the FBI foiled his alleged plans to bomb a white supremacist rally in southern California at ten minutes after the hour. Now Reid Binion has that law enforcement was able to identify band consumed with eight and bent on mass murder. And stop him before he could carry out his attack twenty six year old Marc Domingo's, a former US army veteran from California who served in Afghanistan now behind bars after undercover FBI agents foiled his alleged plot to bomb a crowded rally purchased several hundred three inch long nails to be used in. Strap NHL specifically because the nails were long enough to penetrate, the human body and puncture internal organs. Investigators say Domingo's, recently, converted to Islam that he repeatedly spoke about becoming a martyr and pledged allegiance to ISIS and concocted his alleged plan in retaliation for the attack on the outdoor mosque in New Zealand recorded conversations with the source talked about attacking churches twos. Police and military. Officers are thirties say demand go was considering attacks on several places in southern California before settling on a rally organized by a white nationalist group..

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