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Seventy answer kind enough to join us this morning, Mr. McCulloch. Well, an and you with the greatest of respect, you wife man, beautiful beautiful. Thank you. Yeah. Way. She's blind. She's legally blind but not people who you get with Kimberly. What is she doing with him? After a while it's an let's just be real respects real. Man on planet. Earth, L usually kicks, their coverage, you think. Oh, yeah. Because they generally speaking, we're always marrying better people than we are trying vote to sign at my wedding, you happen to find some of the toughest case. But. Take his little his beloved by Greg, Rachel me blind. Partly in some ways. You know what though when I saying, did I tell you, if I tell them around so ride me about this forever. Is that I sang a song, I wrote a song and original song for Kimberly at a my wedding, I and it was cold a what is she doing with me? And it was a great. And I wrote this on more nervous about anything I put her archive somewhere I'd love to hear copy, then you ain't going to see. To collect like, independent recordings that are like one, the Frankie's, the Fred Norris of the show. You know, it held the hill live that, but you know what I wrote it, and if there is a recording of it somewhere and you did offer to sing it at my wedding. So that's the phone. I'm gonna ask you you'll you'll sing whatever. So we want doing with the I'll tell you. It was great. And then I, I walked Kimberly, at the what was the name of this beautiful place. We went to and, and that cost me way too much. So I put it right in the middle of the dance floor issues in this white count and a Saturn, the chair and I sang to her it didn't work. We still got divorced draw trouble from moment. One. Geraldo was there. We knew it was done from day, soon as you started thinking Joe around go the news over, but, you know what's amazing. Joe's have really good friendships as seems like with the most of your actions. When you have seventy eighty kids like it's good to be friends with all the moms because I have to be, then you got to. Otherwise, I'm just to keep working is keep working the hardest working man in reading the way to keep peace. You know, just keep whatever they need you travel over there. Hey, visit Kevin McCullough. Thank twenty eight with Kevin on the radio. So I don't wanna be dramatic. And I know I'm conservative, but Europe, you're conservative, and you're great with Harris on Fox News. Those shots and you're still good. You can't you can't argue with this guy would give them a call because you always as a great point, so. Right. Moreno again, would disagree with. No, no. So now when I feel in my heart, I'm so in love with this country. I'm so proud of the red white and blue. You notice the coupling right George, and I forgot, I'd put these couplings on just to match, the red white and blue tie. Can you see those? Yeah, I got the American flag cufflinks you know, and I just a coach and it's not just a thing it when I salute the flag, it's not just a thing even when we went to this little event down there at the Christian brothers academy on a Sunday stock ninety unweighted church underway to the ball game with Charlie. And then there was an honor gore from the Middletown police department and it was it was a two guys with the right the one with the flag, salute it as we should in this country, and I feel the same way about my faith. I don't care what you are. I don't care what I don't care what your lifestyle is what your religion is, is, is. You are welcome to celebrate that. But when you have people in the United States house of Representative that just tell us constantly were racist were wrong were old were privileged. And they come from another country that we have spent what Kevin trillions? Of dollars on did they walk us through what the, the, the whole rally that you against Ilan almost. Sure. And then what happened and how we got to where we are, sir. Well, the interesting thing about yesterday's event is the only had about five or six days to put it together. But they got about two thousand people by the time tonight to time square there about two hundred protesters street, and I was one of the speakers, but the interesting thing about this, and I said this, in my talk yesterday is that these people Rashida to Leib on Omar. Obviously that executive because phase and Linda are sore. They all hang in a pack, and they always are kind of having the same traits. Come out in their public comments. They almost always site against America. They almost always side with whoever were in opposition to, so, for instance, to leave and Omar have both argued to US judges for leniency on ISIS fighters. They've, they've actually tried to make us go easy on people that were trying to kill us. They've advocated on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood, there's been ton of things that they've said about our posture with Iran right now. That runs right against what our goals in agenda, should be for that region. So you just you just get tired of hearing all of this stuff, and they take the side of illegal immigrants over American citizens. They take the side of venom wheel any global. Yeah. The Omar spoke openly, you'll see in favor of Madero. Who's who's who's a thug? He's killing his own people. I mean so you've got this kind of general mindset. And I think what kind of pulled this coalition together was, it was started a by mostly people that are very pro Israel. So they, we support our best ally in the world, and it didn't matter. If you're a Christian, or Jewish or whoever if you were willing to come together around that kind of concept we got together yesterday. Big thanks and shot up to Laura Ingraham forgiving. A big piece of her show last night. Nice coverage on everyday great, but it is something that needs to be considered. So our only question was Nancy Pelosi, will you consider removing this anti-american from the foreign affairs committee? The voters have their choice to throw around twenty twenty that's going to be the people of well the recent immigrants from some choice that live in her district. But that's for the voters to decide. But in terms of what Nancy Pelosi does that affects all the country, and it would be a really appropriate to move remove her from the foreign affairs committee. You were talking about. About these district's, by the way for came in. People don't know this. The reason that Omar really became such a powerhouse in Minnesota was because under the Obama administration. He didn't just take some Ali, refugees the he put them specifically allowed them to be specifically real relocated in that congressional district district has been moving in this direction, so that wasn't the governor of Minnesota. That did it was a bomb directive. It was the, the federal government set the directive on where the refugees wind, but they're people I've spoken with people that were involved in this, and they said there was great pressure. Put on to make sure that those seventy thousand got into that seat. That's a seat that shouldn't have gone democrat. Much less extremist and it only did in recent times because of the population was the endgame of President Obama. No idea. Yeah. Just an interesting tidbit. I thought throughout and that's why that's how that's how Omar got elected. It's probably how she'll get reelected. And why don't they would like, for example, with the two Leib? What's happening in Michigan with the water in Flint, Michigan all the problems? And now General Motors moving out. They don't make one thing that's going to help the workers. It's always on the outside. They're doing more. And maybe I'm being maybe this is being pulled over my eyes. I I'm not quite sure seems like non Omar Rashid, it to leave our speaking care benefits more than helping the people in there. There's no doubt about that. But it's like congressman Zeldin said on my show yesterday. He said the problem here is that you have people that are fundamentally out of step with where most of America is. And they are taking down, what has been a great political party. Yeah. I don't want us. I I'm not a democrat. I'm probably never gonna vote for democrat, but the I would be sad if the Democratic Party happens what happens to them. Here's what happened to the labor party in England where they got taken over in different agenda came in and so Pelosi and Hoyer and all those guys are up against a very tough useful idiots. Incoming freshmen crowd that has gotten a big megaphone and is not afraid to use it. Yeah. That's very true. Kevin, thank you very much, eight seven seven nine seven thousand nine hundred ninety five o'clock today, my friend, five o'clock, we're on top of everything that's breaking down today. And we'll see what it is my friend, you keep up.

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