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Made so much sense to me on a visceral physical level. It's like singing along. Those lines is like second nature to me. Just it's like something that i know so well i don't even have to think about it so it's just like i didn't really think about the fact that either big hits in housing deal with that you know how's it gonna. It was more like oh these songs due to read when a single replay them. That's all you know and it's it's really that simple. If i like a song. And i feel like i can bring something of me to it and give it a little bit of a new flavor. Which is the flavor of me and mix that in. It's something that It just makes me happy. If i can if i can put myself into someone else's song and make it feel organic organically part part me or part mind because we you know when you love when you love someone else's song it feels like part of you feels like you're in love with with something and that love is so personal and you feel like you all you have some kind of like connection so when i'm recording someone else's song a song that i love i feel like and i feel like part of myself as our rating song because already because because of that love. I don't know if that makes sense but it's not like i'm it's not like i have to pretend or two fronter like Put something over on someone. It's not like i'm trying to sell the song. It's it's more like. I'm just trying to embody or to inject it with my love. When i was younger. I think i i sort of came across your music on some of those compilations on on some covers. You had done Obviously when you're doing a compilation for for somebody else. It's different than really being able to choose the subject matter so i. I assume that that that was a big part of the process for these two. Specific artists is that there would be enough in each of their catalogs that he would be able to do a full album full of songs and still feel that personal connection with every single. Track will ya. I chose artists. That had a long history in my life. And i you know artists artists who had had multiple albums that i knew really well and and loved and who still had that poll for.

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