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President trump is healthy ap washington correspondents' agra megahey reports that after friday's physical exam his doctors this trump is an excellent overall health the president underwent a nearly four hour exam friday and rearadmiral ronnie jackson spent nearly an hour breaking down the result for reporters the upshot he has a very strong in in in in a very probable possibility of making it completely through his presidency with no serious medical issues jackson says the president's an excellent cardiac health though wet 6foot3 two hundred thirty nine pounds he could stand to lose some weight and he says the president nailed a cognitive test not a standard part of the physical but something the president requested amid talk of being mentally unfit fit for office saga remain ghani washington a recall of potentially deadly blowfish forced a city of central japan to use its emergency loudspeaker system for packages had to be recalled after a fifth was discovered to contain the pitches liver the fish notice fuyu is an expensive winter delicacy but requires the license to prepare because parts of it are poisonous the buber's liver is mostly toxic am band a supermarket a gaba gory sold five packages of sorted blowfish beat monday the liver and the package could have contaminated the other meet with the food poison the poison can't be removed by washing or cooking turns out the store of them selling the liver of a particular kind of blowfish for years saying it's nearly nontoxic the illegal sales that surfaced monday when a buyer of what package took it to the health centre with four other packages stalled but unaccounted for the city terms of the emergency loudspeaker here's normally used for earthquakes and other disasters to get the word out new technology that could help satellites pure through clouds and to analyse storms is being jointly tested by china and europe the european space agency says it's teamed up with china's national space center to carry out ground tests on two complementary.

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