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We is he is always Mike is here as always ever faithful Michael king we appreciate you are at the Super retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the three is what do you got well I wish I had better news lord but we've got a terrible right on ninety three above the city overhead as a mock free insurance copter well you could take a pile up by the ninety three north out right before one thirty three in Andover for that it is just crawling up through the Wellington stretch for before read sixty to prevent a lot of fire department activity here the active breakdown lane in the emergency cut outs of you do lose a traveling as well as a curiosity issue here Kristin back of offering insurance copter now behind this ninety three northbound is tough going from his aching bridge up past commerce way and there is a chance these two backups will connect and that'll be one long slow ride out of the city elsewhere the expressway south crawling out of the tunnel as self pay through Savin hill granted after the split that's about forty five minutes Boston to Braintree now north value on the brakes passing over deposit circle and delays up towards the tunnel to it's tough on the pike westbound out of that Allston Brighton stretch out to the state police barracks and for ninety five south is bad from before one seventeen down to two ninety that's a lot worse than usual there miking WBZ's traffic on the three hard thank you both the forecast is sponsored as well by the Massachusetts association of realtors years John fear it with more mostly clear chilly tonight out of thirty seven sun giving way to clouds are up to fifty five rain moves in toward the end of the day a lot of rain tomorrow night but as it turns colder rain could end is a little bit of wet snow that's.

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