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Of the late cindy friedman our news director for more than two decades her skills this as way a news out would hound have been were nearly without impossible peer but without what we the miss rock most solid about journalism cindy friedman of the is late her cindy often friedman wicked sense our of news humor director for here's more an example than two decades from february her nineteen skills ninety as nine a news hound with cindy were without and co peer anchor leo but garcia what we miss most about cindy friedman is her often wicked sense of humor here's an example from february nineteen ninety nine with cindy and coanchor leo garcia kinky winky winky cooking winky the most widely reported gay story in us media this week was the outing the star of an international television show which is spun off a marketing empire of bestselling videos audio recordings and other items former leader of the now defunct moral majority jerry falwell has published in his national liberty journal this parent alert the sexual preference of tinky winky the largest of the four teletubbies characters on the series that as in america on pbs stations has been the subject of debate since the series premiered in england in nineteen ninety seven the character whose voice is obviously that of a bar has been found carrying a purse in many episodes teletubbies producers insist that the socalled purse is in fact a magic bag here to speak for himself is mr winky would you care to comment now further evidence that the creators of the series intend for tinky winky to be a gay role model have suffered i he is purple the gay pride color and his intent is shaped like a triangle the gay pride symbol in our reviews of some forty mainstream press reports and columns falwell has been universally ridiculed falwell has been universally ridiculed after two days of media assault falwell told nbc that he didn't really mean that you are gay but that if you are he is concerned there are also those who maintain that as a teletubby you are only vaguely human and cannot be considered to have gender attributes at all much less a sexual orientation mr winky i must ask you the question that is so obsessed to america this week are you gay.

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