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Targeted. We're unsure why that is. We're on why these people were targeted more or less while they were targeted out of funeral. We don't understand that No one has been arrested yet. In the district nickel in Ellie WTO news. Now more about the shocking case of a 6 year old boy, shooting his teacher in that Newport News classroom early in the year. Prosecutors there are investigating whether the actions or lack of any action of any school employees could lead to criminal charges. The Newport News Commonwealth's attorney is looking into whether any security failures contributed to the shooting at richneck elementary in January. It seriously wounded teacher Abby's Werner, who has now sued the news comes a day after prosecutors charged the boy's mother in the shooting. 8 O 5, Maryland governor Wes Moore signed more than a hundred bills into law today and he's just getting started with that signing. It was just hours after lawmakers passed bills on everything from gun control to wind power and more. Among the first bills signed by governor Wes Moore, one that boosts Maryland's minimum wage to $15 an hour, and others then enhance the earned income tax credit for residents. Moore said the measures would have helped families like his own, gave a nod to his mother. And growing up, I saw the difference that a little extra money in the bank could make. And now said more? My mom gets to watch her son. Sign legislation into law that will help other mothers like her in this state. He handed off one of the pens from the signing ceremony in Annapolis to his mom, more than 100 bills were signed into law in the first signing ceremony since the 90 day legislative session wrapped up Monday night. Kate Ryan, WTO news. After signing all those bills, the Maryland governor will head overseas. The Washington Post reports westmore will give a speech at the skull world forum in Oxford, Thursday night, and we'll meet with some companies Friday. It's the governor's first international trip since taking office. His aides say the governor is trying to attract private investment to address child poverty and other social issues. Some technology used to catch criminals in their cars is unexpectedly helping police find missing people. License plate readers first installed on county roads in November have led police to 30 stolen cars, 6 guns and 50 arrests, but James curry with fairfax county police says the technology also helped them find missing people, whose loved ones shared the license plate of a vehicle they could be in. And that's exactly what happened on another date in March when our detectives and our officers were trying to find another woman who had drove away from her home. She had been missing for hours and thanks to these LPRs that were in the area. They received an alert. They responded, began canvassing the area and found that car. The 79 year old is one of four missing people police tracked down since implementing the LPR technology. Question for you tonight, what is Maryland's healthiest county? The answer is Montgomery county. The annual county health rankings find that Howard Frederick Calvert and saint Mary's are rounding out the top 5. The university of Wisconsin and the Robert wood Johnson foundation used 30 factors to come up with the rankings that include health education, jobs, housing, exercise, and commuting times, among other things, Montgomery county executive Mark elric says while they're still work to do, he's proud that his county came in first place. Coming up here on WTO fed officials are split over how to handle interest rates at their next meeting. Stay close. It's 8 O 8. He had a precision AC tune up for only $59. Michael and son. Traffic and weather on the H and when it breaks on WTO, rich hunter Ian

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