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Impose as well being connected with this page is Mike chilled with the post game comments about a starter who is yes now twelve and six a three point six three ERA if you're looking at the latest in the NL central standings cubs were off on Monday so the cardinals now of a half game lead in that division and they're playing really well right now eight of their last ten have been victories the wild card for the National League nothing really changing on Monday it was a very limited schedule and yet there were still plenty of home runs surprise in two thousand nineteen it's after hours with a meal or it's on CBS sports radio eight five five two one two four two two seven eight five five two one two for CBS I am embarrassed to admit but I just want you to know was not my choice that was not my order says put up a steak with ketchup pole desecrating our Twitter but on our show do it our after hours the B. as do you put ketchup on your steak what are we really having this conversation so again on a Twitter or actually put a picture up on Facebook and he did do the proper read to circle with the line for it when it comes to steak and catch up but if that makes her happy I don't suppose I'll ever be inviting him over for girls state because there will be no catch up eight five five two one two four two two seven Andres in Atlanta Andriy welcome to after hours good morning Amy how you doing I'm good thank you hi I have the Goldman body career change a bunch they get absolutely delicious I'm sorry but that just had a near the ending is you should try not ever never I will never because I love because I like steak the weight is the back I love steak it's a treat I don't have it very often maybe once every six weeks to I have a good steak and I love it with nothing but salt and pepper on it it's fantastic I don't want to change it well check the oil but I don't need anything else I don't want to mask the flavor of the stake ketchup adds another flavor I like the flavor as it is okay we not been changed her mind but may not learn about and Chris love our character yeah no I I got to I'm glad that he's not alone on this island I would hate for him to be lonely no he's not alone a lot of it's a lot of us like there as well all right on your doctor Richard who's in myrtle beach South Carolina welcome to after hours we love the show just couple plans I have put ketchup on steak for couple times and I love get your bond scrambled eggs anyway besides that got two questions for you ma'am from Alexandria Virginia before I moved down here a national spam and they're playing good ball razor Yang they have good tell do you think that the nationals could give the Braves a run for the money at the end and maybe even take over the east what you're asking me to predict the future that part I don't know but they are giving them a run for their money right now a five game lead is not safe not with six weeks left to go in the regular season so they're already putting pressure on the Atlanta Braves I and I think it's really impressive that a lot of the hot of the heavy lifting is being done by the offense and not the pitching staff so that pitching staff can get healthy and stay healthy they obviously have bullpen issues but there isn't a team in the NL east that doesn't have bull pen issues including the Atlanta Braves and so I I think the position they're in right now is great they're the team that's chasing there the aggressor they've continued to play well over an extended period of time and so I don't know that you can ask much more there was obviously a big hole that they had to try to climb out of the Braves have a lot of really good young talent but they are lacking when it comes to pitching so I think that's an advantage that the nationals have over the Braves if the pitching staff right that met my second question is that aides said I've been a Redskins fan since fifty years and ever since Joe Gibbs and Jack can't we'll go left and they got Snyder in there I think from what I've heard that they won't start Haskins would stop thank yous mistakes the other two's band there and hadn't done anything and my last statement insist now listen for your answer is out thank you the red skins need some advertising yep the waiters let a B. go out thank Redskins ought to pick him up because noted we're doing that again up the wrong wire so I think they'd be would be a good fit in Washington Amy thanks for taking my call all right Richard I appreciate your phone call he's he's not available at the Oakland Raiders as much as this been a disappointment are not cutting bait now I mean they're gonna ride vest Intel Antonio brown decides that he is not going to play but they're they're not going to do anything that would cause them to lose so much money and a potential star that they desperately need I did see an interesting poll I don't remember who did it so I apologize for that but there was a poll on Twitter on Monday that I saw and I voted in that asked which team got the better end of the deal is it the writers who had nothing but issues for five months surrounding Antonio brown or is it the Steelers who got a third in the fifth round draft pick in exchange for their wide receiver and the headaches that come with it but that was kind of interesting I'll see if I can find the poll maybe re tweeted but I voted that the Steelers got the better end of the day yeah all right let's see we've got just one minute for Jonathan Dallas literally a minute go ahead John and me out I purchased my phone call and I'm with you on that a little squeeze course Greenwood out whenever you're you're you're a compadre there would catch up on yeah yeah I don't I don't know I think it completely changes the stake number one number two I think it ruins the flavor of state to put catch about William was not even an American I'll start good thing I could say you could do because you won't have such a wonderful piece of of meat that you should be out there enjoying with all the flavors are that come with it but as microwavable dinner no I know but although there are probably microwaveable steaks America is made up of people who have different backgrounds different like different dislike thought we it is just different the US and I don't want to go out ever stayed with them but still I mean it's okay that's how he like that now I feel bad feet don't worry Chris I can make fun of you but nobody else can make fun of you this is how it goes Jonathan thank you for your phone call from Dallas good to talk to you all eight five five two one two four two two seven the only thing worse than the NFL preseason is what you can fill in the blank choice is on Facebook.

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