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He doesn't have to apologize. That you think he has to apologize only proves how unfit you are for the office. What does the child have to apologize for? The child doesn't have to apologize for anything that child. Did nothing wrong. The kid was asked about it. On the today show, savannah Guthrie in one of the. Ugliest questions I've ever heard asking Nick, salmon. Feel from this experience. At all anybody an apology. Do you see your own fault? The kid was standing there. And he's a kid. What does he supposed to apologize for? Who was he supposed to apologize to what kind of conversation is that what or Weli nightmare of a situation is this. It's the ugliest thing. You can imagine he answers will right? As far as standing there. I had every right to do. So I don't I my position is that. I was not disrespectful to Mr. thoughts. I respect him. I'd like to talk to him. I mean in hindsight, I wish we could have walked away in a voted the whole were those lines that he was coached to say absolutely not a question. Not a question. Not a doubt. You know, why? Because he's sixteen or whatever he is. He isn't going to be able to have this conversation zone. They worked with him. Of course. They did. I'm surprised the interview to be honest. But the question from Santa Fe, savannah Guthrie is gross. You know, what savannah Guthrie's getting on this? How dare you engage in white apologised? I don't know what to do with that information at all sure for the white kid. You want to know about his feelings. They're attacking savannah Guthrie of the today show for having the interview to try and excuse his behavior on disgust was Vanna got three for a question that is as Orwellian is anything you could ever imagine. Why don't you just tell us what you did wrong? So we can forgive you just admit what you did wrong. Just tell us what you did wrong. You know, you did wrong. So just tell us what you did wrong. It is frightening. Not as frightening. However as a an elected official lying. Because well, the whole she digs get something called reputation capital. And now she can go out there and say see I spoke truth to power great kids. Get attacked and Representative Omar's cheering. John, Minnesota, traffic and math fair. What's going on with your Tony? We're getting reports of flooding. Give it into the traffic center. We're looking at four twenty one just had a caller call in and say, yeah. On four twenty one thirty two in running down designs Ville road. I mean, we're talking about some serious high waters you wiped out four times you saved us. The good thing next to kind of giving us a picture though. What we're dealing with today. Westbound four sixty five loaded up right now from Meridian street US thirty one on over to ditch wrote a little bit past that because we have some high water in that area. That's really slowing us down in that ramp is starting to back up from southbound thirty one to westbound voice sixty five we have traffic lights, flashing red. It all directions is going to be Meridiana, Westfield. Meridian Kessler Meridiana at Michigan downtown in another doozy here Binford boulevard, seventy history. Those are all flashing reds. Those are all four way stops until we get them fixed. I met bear with traffic on the FIS. Follow us on Twitter at WIBC traffic. Eight can't be shut down. I would certainly be willing to close it down. And no wall could keep it out walls work. It can't be stopped winter winter winter officially arrived. So Fisher here. Here..

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