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It. What happened to ricky taylor. Well you know. Richie was very very smart very intelligent man and i'm gonna tell you this story. I remember when i got into group. We did a lot of promotional tour because he didn't have a wreck. And i remember richie coming to me one day when somewhere. We was down south like new orleans or somewhere in the south mississippi. These are the words he said. I will always remember. He came to mason gerald. He said i'm going to have to leave the group when we get a hit record and you know he he said i was blessed by god to be here to help this group become a success and wanted made his first hit record in. I step off by other plans in my life. That god has that will be this and this is the lab and we had kissing say goodbye chain. Trust one day and he said The begin to take all he sent fellow. I'm gonna have to leave group completed my mission here my job with the manhattan and now i go on to the next step. And that's when richie left the group and became a muslim and he told me that years before you know that he would have to do. This is so amazing to me. And he never ever looked back shortly after you saw the to pursue a solo career. Was it difficult to leave through. It would be a big focus on the road. You don't know which way to join. Dd you just don't know which path to take us gonna fully haunt us by walk. And that's what. I did Patty at this point in my career. When i left the group i didn't have to deal with anybody and i remember. It was a point in my life. Because we've been working together. We were working so much until we didn't get a chance to rehearse like we want to and continue like we wanted to do and just how much work we work in six days a week. Travel sometimes travel on sunday. We leave home going out on the road for a week and ended up staying out there two weeks so i got so point. Wesson uses become a job. And i wanted to do it on. Turns and i came into office one day at a meeting until the guys look. I just had throat surgery on top of that. And that's all the guys i said i'd like to i think i'm going to pursue a so local media i just want to try and massive but i'll stay with you until you get somebody to take my place and that's when we we did. I left the group. Love eighty seven eighty seven And went out to california and can record my first solo album and the first single from that was Take me where you want. And it was a wonderful wonderful career and gratifying to me. It was How you choose those. I was on the motown label. Wasn't it and so you had a motel five albums and ten solo singles Up to nineteen ninety-five Most successful was open. Invitation not reasonable fourteen. A cooler was the great single slow motion. Oh my god slow motion. Take me where you want to getting back into the. Oh my god. Stay a little while Also did a cover of the eagles. I can't tell you why. Oh wow you still Business courses gerald alston and the manhattan's I would say you go plans to go into the uk but obviously not at the moment not at not at the moment but we're working on fontana are working hopefully by noon next day. Lovely said the next question is is only new material on the codes. Yes we are in the process of finishing up our new cd and the title of its manhattan featuring jerrell allston the legacy continues and we have like four or five new songs and then we have covered songs that we've already yeah And also i did. A solo project with george duke. Stanley caught back in the ninety. And i added that on news. A phone call Right by my side and this is like a solo thing but and we got a new song we had who releases the first singles. Call get it ready and today. We have a new release. that's called. She's coming home and look. That's the latest single from the forthcoming album and We're looking forward to it. You know To to continue to bring we will continue to bring music to fans all around the world and our website. That's just kiss and say goodbye dot com or facebook manhattan featuring gerald austin and on instagram the manhattan featuring gerald lawson lieutenant that and We just gonna continue singing. Good glad to hear it gerald. Thanks so much for your time of really enjoyed talking to you. And i wish you every success for the future you and also i just i just want to know that David tyson and choi may came in twenty seven ago and they fit right in. So we'll still carrying the torch and we will always always a trip to those five gentlemen. Glue loved kennett. Kelly stunning gibbons richard taylor and kenneth kelly. These guys laid the groundwork us be here today. And troy myself and they will keep it coming. We will keep the legacy alive exit right. Thank you again to yeah. Just keep doing what you're doing in the thank you absolutely pleasure chatting to you. Enjoy the rest of your day job. Thank you again you too. Thank you saw. What a great guy. I'm gonna play out now with a second of two tracks Seem release off the new. Lp is called getting ready and it's available for download now on all streaming sites stream today told the fellas gold do so candles and you hurry to get old. It's been quite a while since we've had so many other things were the kids found with just you. And we don't have the we can take as we have been and is nothing else could hear it in.

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