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Long. I'm Kevin Dean Coco's next real time Traffic update Just 10 minutes away. Time to check in with 10 news meteorologist Meghan Perry. Hey, Megan. Hey, guys. Low clouds and patchy fog will take longer to clear each day this week as temperatures trend near to below normal through the rest of the week. The coast and the load a mid seventies in the valleys in the load, upper eighties with San Diego's most accurate forecast. I'm ABC 10 news meteorologist Meghan Perry. All right, right now downtown. We're looking at a little bit of fogs and miss out there as well. If you're hitting the road, 63 degrees and cloudy there alcohol we're looking at 64 in Fallbrook, some fog and 63 degrees and 59 in Ramona Kogo dears time. Five o'clock, just like the state of California, San Diego County is seeing promising results in the fight. Against the Corona virus in seven last 10 days. The positive test rate's been below the rolling two week average of 5.3% a good downward trend on the metric keeping San Diego in the state wants list. The number of cases per 100,000 people is also going in the right direction. The case rate is above 101 118 point to since last week. The case rate continues to decrease and his moving and the right downward direction below 100. The results over the past seven days or promising and Is due to everyone doing their part to change this metric. So keep up the great work doctor woman wouldn't, the public health officer, saying the case is still need to come down even Mohr on below 240 the next two weeks before the state's 14 day evaluation period, Cook again? Jack run a local news. You're going to use time? Five? 01 Governor, Newsome says. There is good news about the surge of cases, he says. While statewide averages and hospitalizations, air down conditions are not yet good enough in three dozen counties on the watch list, including San Diego toe lift the restrictions. During his latest briefing, he urged continued compliance with public health orders and commended the vast majority of restaurants and other businesses. But I do just wanted.

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