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They're trying to make those deep passes each and every time you know he's coming in with the ability to get the ball out the fastest league. You bought the best people to talk about this because you face both teams you faith. Kansas city you lost them and you lost in the divisional round to the to the bucks. What do you like about the chief in this matchup. And what do you like about the bugs in this match up. I don't like nothing about either. Say i don't have any sort of nothing about nobody but if you say you know who's more dangerous i was you know. Maybe tilts the scale towards the The kansas city chiefs when he talked about tyreek hill. Being one of the fastest. In the game you talk about travis. Kelsey being the best tight in the game right now. you talk about what chris jones can bring into in terms of that interior push And of course you know. I'm always rooting for former. Saint and alex okafor. I think that you know they have a slight edge with mahomes being playmaker that he is able to. You know we'll deal and push out anything he wants to. I mean he the throw left hand. He'll throw crossed the body in the middle He'll throw no look passes. I mean the ability for them to surprise An offense is second to none in this league. What what what. What makes home so special. Because you don't watch. I mean you get an opportunity to obviously you trying to get him on the ground but you watch them on tape. You watch him on fail. What makes him so special his ability to make those types of places that you don't expect you know he'll roll out right rollout left till i mean if anything again. He's always looking for. these downhill. Plays a lot like play russell wilson. He escapes the pocket. And yeah he's still looking downfield to make those big electric place And at the same time you know he is a bigger body. He can take off with his feet. So you have to be well aware you're trying to keep them in the pocket at the same time you still trying to get to them. I mean He's somebody who can beat you with his arm. So cam what happened in that. That game at new orleans late in the year december twentieth. When kansas city visited getting the score is thirty two to twenty nine. So it looks like you're in the game. But i look at the time possession. Moths had the ball. Forty one minutes to your nineteen minutes and kansas city went nine out of eighteen on third down and your offense went one of eleven and yet you still just three point shy. Break that down for us. That's easily done. We were looking forward to rematch. If you look at that time of possession and you see how close the game is we like the way we were matching up. We just didn't finish the game the way we wanted to slow. So who you picking in this game. You got to pick something. i know. You don't care who wins but you gotta get you gotta get with some km. Look to look. I can only privacy to two. Things is going to be a red team. That wins it. And it's probably gonna be a quarterback who's won the superbowl to win it again..

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