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I'm seeing I'm rotating because you're supposed to rotate and I read a football manager game FAQ ten years ago. I wish I was more optimistic, but right now I'm just not so let's celebrate, I think that's a good free man who millington you're beautiful man with a beautiful suit in your icon. I would say let's celebrate tonight. Let's appreciate the three points. But, you know, I care about medium to long-term optimism, and I'm not sure. I mean, you guys ask me any question or talk to me? What you see from these three games that is improved your optimism in the medium term? All for everything for me is medium term. I believe we're going to qualify. I care about the medium term. I want that learning curve for the players. But most of all in the idea of the American football, I want that to develop, I really, really do God bless you and do millington. I interviewed rapha today. I finished the interview by saying to him, what the fucking toffees, my God, he could not have loved it more, he's one of us now Andrew millington, let's build that statue. Oh, come on up to the stage. The great Seamus toner. Where are you and what's your question? Hello Raj. I am from Tallahassee, Florida, and first off I want to say thank you for sharing that inaki Williams article in your newsletter earlier this week. It was amazing. It was yeah. Phenomenal story, great story. It's funny. You watch someone for years and you never know. They're true background. So thank you for sharing that. And then second I submitted two questions. So I'm not sure which one I got put in here for. But I guess the first one, so I've seen people on Twitter and in this chat criticize Weston McKinney's play tonight and then say wester McKinney was great tonight. So does the complete opposite opinions of an influential player mean that we have officially made it as a soccer slash football country. And then that's all we need to shame us. We needed to go over the top split opinions and then my other question was no, I know that the U.S. has struggled and there has been just two maybe three good halfs of play this whole cycle. But I think some consistent consistent just brilliance we've seen has been from the fullback positions with Anthony Robinson and sergino dest. And I know that we have Joe scally in the wings who wasn't even called up to this roster. So what is it like to have a U.S. team that has real depth that is very talented? Oh my God, let me take your first question. Because I think it's a great question. I laugh tonight. We tweeted out, so who should be the bloody number one going forward? And within a second, we got the first two answers genuinely within a second. The first one was Zack Stefan of, I think. And the second one with a second was going to be Matt Turner. And so I love you framing, which is great, let's have that debate. That means you're a real footballing nation. And I think that's probably true. Like debate having debate is has not been a given like I'm not sure if, you know, in the marcella Balboa era, people were like, oh, Marcel Balboa must be dropped and maybe I don't know should be replacing him. So it's great to have this. And a lot of you obviously are shouting out at your Spotify green room devices. Tom Doe. But the reality is western tonight. I was quite fascinated by it. I won't be clear. I love western ain't westerns an incredible player. Very early on. Yeah, we had them on very early JWP. He was 18, he came on our show with Tim weyer and I loved him. I loved what he had to say I love what he had said on the record I love what he had to say off the record. I love watching him to me he's like a hand grenade in human form. And we spoke with a U.S. youth coach during the last World Cup cycle. He actually told me that western has the potential. This in 2018 he said this western has the potential to be the best U.S. player of his generation if. And he said this in 2018, if he can focus, if he can focus on the football. And I didn't dig deeper because I didn't know western particularly well and said, what do you mean? What are you talking about? In fairness to this gentleman, he said, both positionally and stop being a utility player, but actually, but also with his football wasn't clear to him at that moment that the football was the dominant and only thing western cared about. And so western's not talked to the press, not addressed the issue, avoided and wanted to let his football do is. Speaking for him and watching him tonight, you know, especially in that first half, we wanted to see the verticality. What is verticality the Gregg brothers talked about a lot? And to me a lot in that first half, it looked like verticality was western trying to redeem himself, put the team on his shoulders, dribbles completely through the midfield single handedly and overrun the ball and get this possessed. My daughter, Zion is a very good football player. She plays club football. When she plays for a school, it's hilarious for her because she's playing in a very much more mixed team, and she plays center back. She's absolutely brutal. She's an enforcer. But it's a joy for her to play in the high school setting because he can dribble the entire field and make 1214 dribbles a game. And I'd say 5 or 6 of them, she gets completely down the other half and gets to create a challenge and often a goal. But, you know, 8 or 9 times should get dispossessed. You can not beat 7 8 players on your own. And that's what it was like watching western tonight. It was like watching Zion, she didn't know for a laugh. I think why was he doing it is really the question. I'm not in western's head, I can't answer that. Was it like redemption? Was it an urge to prove himself? Was it? You can many things. Yeah, I think sometimes western. Oh, I think sometimes in this is just me talking. I've been doing that for the past four hours. Sometimes he goes to bed on his Italian bedsheets and he dreams of being a number ten when reality he's more of a number 8. And that's okay. We all growing up. I thought I was a sinner Ford, and then I realized I should have been playing fullback. But that's okay. Sheamus, the honest truth is out of the choice of dreams, western shrimp being a great number ten roger Bennett's dream, being.

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