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Blood sugar ratio or if they have an infection that's causing the disorientation take the less be with boots tells Kate to the program gets the people the help they need to freeze up officers for criminal matters Portland city council will consider the program in November the U. S. is heading Russia with more sanctions for its attempt to interfere in the twenty eighteen mid term elections going after the same Russian troll farm it's spread disinformation in may twenty sixteen presidential election the U. S. treasury has seized three private jets and a yacht from a Russian oligarch Yevgeny per goes in is accused of financing the Russian group that attempted to interfere in the congressional elections last year treasury has also sanctioned six employees of the group there's no evidence for an actor's compromise election infrastructure or vote counts Conor Finnegan ABC news Washington and Oregon sports medicine doctors as concussions in soccer becoming more common and rule changes might be one way to make a positive impact on the problem Oregon health and science university is Dr Jim chestnuts as girls tend to get more concussions and boys playing soccer differences between girls and boys in terms of muscle strength their neck that may be a factor in and then there are other certainly hormonal differences that may affect the doctor just I believe rule changes are needed to decrease aggressiveness and increased safety and soccer email scams directed toward biz. this has up fifty percent this year Daniel came with the Oregon better business bureau says the most common is a fake invoice from one of their vendors when money is paid by wire transfer the average loss is thirty five thousand dollars businesses can help avoid the scams by using multi factor authentication vendor verifying vendor information and training employees on the spot and avoid the scams Oregon has won the growers are creating a new snack product Greg Thor's guard CEO of the Oregon he's on a growers says they'll have a fight flavored snack pack to reach a new market because the grower to the consumer and a very close relationship now come in Himalayan salt southwest chili peppers.

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