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Are you ready? I I don't know if I want to hear this or not a really don't, but I'm gonna do it. Anyway. Mind is insane. I know that Tony crews are morning show. Host his son is a YouTube star. And he makes a lot of money. And then Tony is actually on the call. You porn, right? Yeah. Believe successful is not done has many. But there are people that make a lot of money your buddy makes money from YouTube Tomei. Yep. Yep. The top grossing personality on YouTube is seven years old seven his name is Ryan toys review, and what he does he is seven years old, and he makes videos playing with toys and giving his recommendations we this is the number one youtuber. Yes, he may twenty two million dollars. Josh. Oh, my God told you you weren't ready for this. So I've told you weren't ready for this. So the kid is seven and he's playing with toys. This is like a real life. Tom Hanks movie where he he transforms too little kid big big. This is like the movie big. Remember, he gets a job at a corporate world playing with toys. This is this kid. He's seven Ryan toys review. Twenty two million dollars is what you painting last year. The number two guy is not Logan Paul, but his brother, Jake, Paul. I've never seen one Jake Paul video. But he made twenty one million dollars last year from YouTube his brother is in the tenth spot. Logan, Paul Logan, Paul you remember got in trouble because he did a video he went to Japan. And there is a suicide forest. Yes. I remember that he went to suicide forest, and he videoed body insert in the in the woods, and he laughed about. He was joking about it. And he got a lot of backlash. Disney dropped him as a sponsor and lost several other sponsors. And I believe you to pulled him for a short period of time. But she he's still ended up making fourteen million dollars last year alone. As YouTube star hot this up. Have you seen the kid know? All right. This is one of his videos. Let's find out if he's annoying dollar says he's annoying guarantee it here, we go for WalMart..

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