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Is WTO P news. It's 9 23. Maryland's law prohibiting many semi-automatic rifles could be changed after a federal court case. Judges on the U.S. fourth circuit Court of Appeals have heard arguments brought by a group of Maryland gun owners and gun rights activists. Attorney Pete Patterson for the plaintiffs argues that recent Supreme Court decisions from earlier this year show the state's current laws are unconstitutional. Law abiding citizens have a right to use firearms that are in common use today. He pointed to nearly 20 million being sold in the U.S., Maryland's assistant attorney general Robert Scott says these guns aren't protected because they are similar to M 16s and other military style weapons. The case was brought before the same court last year and they ruled in favor of the state, but it was appealed and went before the Supreme Court this summer the high court sent the case back to the fourth circuit, keeping a new decision in mind coming from a case that found New York's gun carry law unconstitutional. Luke Luger WTO pinos. Two dogs are dead after a large fire broke out at a row house in Chevy Chase, Maryland this afternoon. A spokesman for Montgomery county fire says it began just after two 30 on Chevy Chase drive near hill and Dale road, fire crews put it out within ten minutes, the family who lives in the row house was not home, but unfortunately their dogs were. The fire department says the dogs likely died after being trapped in the house filled with smoke. No humans were injured the fire caused a quarter $1 million of damage. The Potomac river is our area's main and in some cases only source of drinking water, but that may soon change. Our drinking water supply is vulnerable. We do run the risk of the Potomac river becoming unavailable due to drought or a contamination event accidental or intentional. Michael narta lily of the interstate commission on the Potomac river basin, he's pleased delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton's final version of the water resources development act would authorize a study by the Army Corps of engineers to find a secondary drinking water source and additional drinking water storage. So we're talking about a very long process, but every journey begins with a single step, and this is the first step. Neal law can sting WTO P news. Money news at 25 and 55. Still a red hot job market? I'm Mark Hamrick with a bank rate dot com personal finance. November jobs report topped expectations. First of all, with a number of jobs added, the unemployment rate was steady. Investors reacted negatively to the report. How can that be sensitive firm watt workers might want to see? Job security. It's not all that uncommon a divide between Wall Street and Main Street, with wage growth over the past year rising 5.1%, the jobs report provided fresh evidence the Federal Reserve has more work to do in its battle against inflation. Growth and payrolls came in at 263,000. The average this year has been 392,000, but only 272,000 over the previous three months. The jobless rate stable at 3.7% just above the recent lows of 3.5%. That translates to some 6 million unemployed. I'm Mark Henry. Looking for clues tonight to the New York Stock Exchange when it opens tomorrow? Well, we look overseas to Tokyo, the nikkei average is down more than a quarter percent. And the Shanghai index in China is down. A half percent in Monday morning trading in Asia. Coming up, traffic and weather, and then the three decade old bombing of Pan Am flight one O three back in the headlines, the suspected bomb maker in the terror plot is being brought to justice, it's 9 26. I

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