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As you know at the age of eighty seven, there's been an outpouring of recognition for her work fighting for justice in many corners of American society, WE WANNA look at a period of her lifespan. The US in the early nineteen sixties Ginsburg traveled to Sweden and learn Swedish by the way to work on a law project with the sweetest color, it helped to shape or views on gender equality and the Law Karen Maria Brasilias is a former Norwegian Supreme Court justice. She's also the daughter of unders Brasilias. The sweetest scholar Ginsburg worked with in the nineteen sixties judge Brasilia's I'd like to start with your reaction to the news of Ruth Bader GINSBURG's death. What have you been feeling? Well, I've been feeling a lot of sadness. I had a great admiration for and she has played a very important part in. My family's lives. Right in the early nineteen sixties, Ruth Bader Ginsburg traveled Sweden to work on a research project with your father under his azaleas explain what that project was about what were they research at Columbia? University they were undertaken to present the rules on civil procedure in several European countries and loose and my father went off to The Swedish part of the project? Do you have any memories of her from the time. My memory is of a person which was very serious who was very eager to do live work. And who was very interested in the way we in Sweden arranged the way Eh that women. Interestingly, Ruth Bader Ginsburg spoke some years later and said that her eyes were opened up in Sweden for the first time. She saw law school classes where a quarter of the students were women. So coming from the US, just how surprising would that have been? Do you think too young Ruth Bader Ginsburg it was very surprising I mean if you look at her background her. Experiences from Harvard and Columbia women were minority and was a fighting minorities. I was studying law in Sweden that time. That were not very many quality questions involved in studying. Also, the society was two very different, a degree arranged so that Women could marry an continued studies than they. All these the rules had to fight for, and also to have children I'm that were kindergartens. Childcare centers wed kits will take care of roof. Child into one of those during her stay learned and she was very, very pleased with. The facilities that were offered what are the things about the climate around gender politics at that time in Sweden? Do you think influenced Ruth Bader GINSBURG. Thinking I think that the state to a very large extent engaged itself in facilitating The women. Would treated equally in many more aspects than the were. United. States. And talks with my mother who was a feminist very early feminist and talks.

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