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Welcome back to the football nine this brings pregame show presented by bob pinkus dealerships ryan kaufman now joined by the head coach of the dougherty spartans jeff kromah often coats crong before we get into football business obviously a lot of people are wondering how the dougherty family is holding out after the events of last week doing great it but play and um you know when things aren't most positive through families come together our shown on what will level uh barter the great place to be damn absolutely glad to hear it last week uh you know eat needs necessary to get those close games right code mean can't win every game three to fifty five i talk about what you learned about your team in that at one point victory were westminster you know learn to walk powerfully we uh we talked about others their game and that could be a defining moment in basically we we said if this is not out harney over big trouble no i i think everybody ah underestimated what a little bit we talk about how crappy they are and how well wellcoached they are you know how to fight to the end and you know we have the programme learn real quick that you know that was definitely the case and um it's another reminder always respect you're you're going to record of don't matter a great game anybody can win at any time and when you're going again wellcoached welcojty like what were you know how to fight for everything that they get a reminder that we know what we need to take a page out of their book and make sure that we're doing everything on her and to a firm fixture we're happy going in failed as you look at your team so far if i were to tell you that you're quarterback of first year starter would have a ten to one touchdown to interception ratio i don't know if you believe me but you'd certainly take it i talk about the match racean.

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