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Being here and wanting to maybe get a look at a playoff game, Jerry while he laughed. He he he feels like Stephen also was one of the few owners who stood up for him when everybody was ready to do away with last year. Yes. Yes. That was another interesting moment was Roger Goodell was here. Yes. Roger was in the house hanging out with Charles Haley while he was on the sideline and met with the Jones family, including a very nice conversation. Obviously wasn't much more than a year ago. Those two were absolute war with each other over Zeke, Elliot and Jerry contesting Roger Goodell's contract extension, but that's all long long ago now long ago. And here we go Cowboys headed toward the divisional round in the playoff Ed in. Of course deck was asked about this. Jerry was asked about it. Nobody's ever going to say. We have a preference. Yeah. We wanna play the Rams we wanna play the saints. You know, there's two ways. I mean guys like us though. We're allowed to say who you think the Cowboys preference would be I mean on one hand. The saints came in here and the Cowboys just torpedoed them a dominant defensive performance in. They beat them thirteen to ten in this place. Now playing on the road is a tough thing. Jerry, tried to make the point you heard him say and versity playing on the road that type of thing can be good that can be galvanizing for a team, but we've seen it. It is difficult to go on the road and get a win. And whatever stature great all this research. The number one the top seeds have been on a long run with playoff success, the top seeds have made have filled nine of the ten Super Bowl berths in the last five years. The only failure was the thousand sixteen Cowboys every other number one seed in the last five years has made the Super Bowl so going and again, it's either New Orleans, but you know, what's interesting as we look about the two possibilities. The saints the effort that they? Put forth against the saints. And the result that they got was historic. It was the worst offensive game that drew Brees, and Sean Payton I've ever had in other years together in New Orleans. It was not a fluke. Chris rashard? That's what got everybody's attention with Chris Rashard talking about Christmas shark getting coaching job that game more than any other is the one that got everybody's attention because nobody does that to the saints. I mean, they were on an incredible run, and they have not been the same team sense. And you know, why they haven't been the same team sense. Because everybody that's played them. Subsequently has tried to copy what the Cowboys did. So effectively I talked to Ron Rivera the head coach of the Carolina Panthers. Riverboat Ron, and he is a defensive oriented head coach himself a great defensive coach. That's orientational. He plays the their division. They play the saints twice every year. And yet he told me we borrowed things that we saw the Cowboys do against Drew Bledsoe. Or drew Brees and mainly that was getting inside pressure and playing man up on the receivers and being physical at the line of scrimmage. Breeze did not have somewhere to go with the football quickly that was the whole plan. And it's been copy was copied by Tampa Bay which held the score down Carolina which held the score down. And I think it's probably something Sean Payton in and breeze. They're spending a lot of time on their by week. It may be a reason Christopher shorts getting about three. Job interviews, exactly on. That's got everybody's attention during the season used to be weird used to there used to not in years past Ed. Correct me if I'm wrong, sometimes coaches that were in the playoffs. You had to wake. Yeah. Till the team's gotta let it. But then it was obviously unfair to those guys totally. But that went on for a while, I have been told I think we did this..

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