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Yes. A poor LG this here, it's hard to it. It's I can appreciate the fact that it's hard for these companies to know when things are dropping, so they don't exactly know what the timing will do to a product release cycle. And it must be tough for that. They don't know as much as like they have a release when do they have to strategically? You know, it'd make the make the most of it. I will say if I was l j. The same move on before. Because while we p twenty pro doesn't launch in the United States. That's in one on one handling, well, whatever we'll take that hit. Yeah. Definitely. And I don't mean to say that L G has been a disappointment by any stretch of the imagination. There's certainly things that could have been done to not only not only get the phone in front of more eyeballs. But also in terms of some of the features because obviously so many phones have come out that we're starting to see features actually proliferate and even more phones. Like, the white Ingles now with thing and more than just phones, for example. Yeah. So it's about that. Yeah. Exactly. And you've been using it actually may twenty probably may twenty pro on this trip almost almost exclusively. Just the note nine for today. Probably must have that v forty for some of the interior shots tomorrow. So we can evaluate its angle versus p twenty pro a little bit more. Now that some updates of Landon or that may twenty pro you mean sorry may twenty. Name. It's a little hard for me. Okay. So some tangent. It's a little hard for me to do the turning my head to to see the the other lane because of the Mike. Use it in the cluster. I was about to say, it's it's nice as we're doing this road trip. Just another little tangent. A little bit of context awareness here. We're on our way to yet another landmark, but it's not going to be Tahoe. The reasons why you can see in either of our videos. That's correct about this particular vehicle in right now. And I'm in the driver's seat him. I'm chilling right now. This is nice. This is nice. I don't have to do. So is it fair for me to say I want to I want to ask you what your what has disappointed? You senior is fair for you to kick. Elect you to warn me before we went on air. So I can I know I and at the same time, I'm thinking to myself like just how far do we want to go with this particular? I we're not I don't want to disparage anybody. We just wanna be empirical. You want to be objective about? I'm not worried about that. I'm just worried about being able to remember anything generally disappointing product will come and go. And then you kind of forget about it. 'cause there's no time you have to go think about the next thing people care about I will say the first thing that jumps to mind for me is and I'm sorry. I don't know if you want to eat this two phones, but I'll just throw it out there. Triplets still relates to degree the surface laptop to for Microsoft. Oh, everyone was telling me that that I remember when it was announced I should preface that when it was announced people were so excited for it. Yes. And myself included, okay because the surface laptop. I Jan was such a comfortable machine is a pretty machine as well came in that lovely blue you can type on that outcome. Tara and have that nice fabric beneath your poems surface laptop to is basically the same exact machine with some. Spectrums on the inside in while. That's a typical complaint you hear in this industry. It's not just that. I'm annoyed that it's an iterative bump I'm annoyed that they didn't do the one thing that would have made it a twenty eighteen machine. Which is what you in it. I know a broken record about this. But guys if you don't have USB see in in your product. I don't care if you're talking about an earbud charging case or a laptop desktop replacement laptop. Yeah. You I can't take it seriously. You're ready shooting yourself in the foot in terms of like ubiquity among the tech. Yeah..

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