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Was actually EPI exocrine pancreatic insufficiency or API is a condition where your pancreas is unable to help break down your food It can lead to symptoms like diarrhea gas bloating stomach pain unexplained weight loss and oily stools And EPI symptoms can be confused with those of other common digestive conditions like irritable bowel syndrome Crohn's and celiac disease So getting to the right diagnosis meant being more open with my doctor about the severity of my symptoms and how often they were happening But there's good news EPI is manageable So don't wait any longer Use the symptom checker at identify EPI dot com and schedule a visit or call with your doctor to ask could I have API sponsored by AbbVie Three 37 Have you been to MGM national harbor recently Have you had a chance to see a game on our 110 foot wide screen at the bet MGM sportsbook and lounge Have you gone home and practiced your salsa moves in the mirror after a night at Diablo's cantina Have you been one of our hundreds of daily jackpot winners Have you seen your favorite star up close in our 3000 seat theater Maybe it's time for another visit Monumental happens here Must be 21 please play responsibly for help as an empty gambling help dot org or one 800 gambler As Russia continues its invasion of Ukraine supporters and activists are stepping up efforts to help those impacted by the conflict If you're interested in helping but not sure where to start visit WTO dot com today view our list of organizations in need of donations and volunteers to aid in their support of Ukraine That's dot com search charity to learn more and lend your support Three 38 Traffic and weather on the 8s and when it breaks Dave dill dine in the WTO traffic setting A number of traffic challenges this hour in Virginia 95 southbound jam traffic from franconia Springfield.

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