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But don't confuse it it's all in front of a native new york i'm just having fun which all our spread the hell out of jerry jones and i appreciate job the he has done in marketing and selling his franchise to the masses there's a lot to be said and he deserves a lot of credit eight six six seven to nine espn that's eight six six seven to nine three seven seven six one of the other things i wanted to get into evolve in the dallas cowboys this up announced that's going on that i'm going to be i'm gonna go go doubt the front senate tell you i think it's unfair and that's what's happening tizzy kill elia the dallas cowboys now don't get me wrong i'm not be presumptuous here in no way amar proclaiming his innocence in any way when he was accused by his girlfriend his then girlfriend of sexual assault make no mistake about it if he's guilty of such a thing i want them to pay just like i'd want any man to pay for be as such a punk doing something like that to a woman what he's never been charged local prosecutors and columbus ohio dropped the investigation because of inconsistent evidence and testimony why is this still an ongoing thing with the national football league almost a year why how fair is that to this young man so a she accusation leads the national football league who have not yet made a decision about about away keep that amman.

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