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Twenty nine dollars Google photos account required. All right. Chuck Todd host the television show. Meet the press. Other people are posted it. He does it so much that decided to do it all week long depressed daily. We'll get you need to meet the press all the time. Meet them enough once a week. And he sat down for podcast last week. It's about the Recode decode podcast. He was with his colleagues, Andrew Mitchell and Halley Jackson. And they were talking about Trump's win the presidents win during twenty teen. And Chuck Todd says that Trump's supporters were merely gullible. Listen to this part of me in my head zoomed, people were discerning it out new the BS from the ninety s I think what my sort of shock to the system is just how gullible. A big chunk of the country was to this in gullible because maybe they wanna be gullible gullible because maybe they wanna be gullible Hans Chuck Todd is saying out loud. What too few of his colleagues ever do which is the truth here is yeah, they have a lower regard for President Trump? But imagine if they have a low regard for the president, what must they think of the people who elected him, listen, it's very clear, if you if you work in Washington, you quickly see that the members of the elite media like him on the left. They have unbelievable contempt for the American people. I mean, they they look down on and are dismissive of the average American, you know, the people who actually do the work that that keeps this country going the emotions on this as you as you. So rightly pointed out, they range from patronizing to just bitter. Those were the only two options to ask say the average member of the elites in Washington. And this isn't just for the press. This is discussed for political consultants people in the city, we have a low regard for the. The average voter. And you're asking me, what do you think they either feel bad for them? They're like other just port robes. They don't know what they're doing. We need to tell them which direction ago or you get the opposite perspective, which is like, they're disgusting. They're disgusting people, and I can't believe and of course, they're so dumb. Why would they they've of course, they voted for Trump? He says they're gullible. Well, two of the things that Trump promised was, hey, I'm finally going to enforce our immigration laws, and hey, I'm going to appoint conservative judges on supreme court the gullible American people they wanted that. And that's one thing that he's been delivering on. Yeah. For so gullible. I mean, how many years have gall ability can of the American people put up with. I mean at some point. You're hey, all these politicians aren't keeping those promises that we voted for the Mont. Right. So then they decided to, you know, make Trump of a national middle finger to Washington, and it succeeded, and of.

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