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Two FBI agents were killed, three others injured and the suspect shot dead. Jeff Bell, president of the Broward Sheriff's Deputies Association, says it's hard to process this tragedy. And just believe right now, also sadness and anger because you've just lost some of your friends and what you call family members, he says. Grieving agents will do everything they can to make sure the families of the deceased are well taken care of Wendi Grossman Miami More Floridians are getting the second dose of the Corona virus vaccine, including Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, who was gung ho about getting inoculated when it's your turn at a little soreness in my arm that no other Affected all all I had was just a little bit of sort. US, Florida reported more than 10,500 new cases of covert 19 Tuesday. Orlando police arrested and airline passenger after fighting over a half a million dollars worth of methamphetamine stashed inside his backpack. 45 year old Eli Brown of Long Beach, California was stopped by a T s a agent for random bag, check. During a layover at Orlando International. Brown told police he had fallen asleep in the backpack was next to him. When he woke up inside, agents found 22 vacuum sealed bags totaling £22 of methamphetamine. You don't need to ask 22 year old Matthew lead him where he's from. Just look at the state of Florida Tattoo on his forehead. The new Port Richey man was arrested Sunday after he called 911 twice to find a ride home. He's charged with misuse of the 911 system as well as possession of marijuana. His mug shot is posted on our website with Florida's news. I'm John Konrath. In the light of Led Zeppelin.

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