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Thirty. On mojo eggert. Dhamar johnson is going to be on this show in one hour. The former bearcat is a current member of west miller staff at uc. That was announced. Today he is the director player developments. And he'll be on this show to talk about that position and so much more at four. Twenty paul dander junior as he is every single. Tuesday is here with me in studio from the athletic can read his work at the athletic dot com. Here that podcast growl and is the podcast that he and j morrison do. That's pretty much wall to wall bengals. He's just back from. Ot as you've written about players who don't catch passes throw passes or block for passers for a living you wrote about guys who play defense. It was really weird. And i had to kind of like almost feel like i had to go sit in a different share or something. You know something to change it up. Because i'm not used to having actually write about those guys that play on the defensive side but but it is it is interesting. This is where the turnover has come from. Yeah he make this point very early in her piece this is. This is the area where they've done the most. This is the area where they've said goodbye to more icon players over the last year and a half. This is an area that for me as far bigger question mark. Because i come back to this all right best case are they going to be a great defense. No are they going to be a top ten defense. No so best case there are middle of the pack. Maybe bottom in the middle of the pack which okay. Fine if you give me that. Then i think joe burrow got a chance. I've done the very very simple equation of defensively. I think they gave up twenty six point two points per game last year if that can come back by three points and they could increase their points per game out output by the offense by three points. They're gonna have close to a five hundred team. I would settle for that. But best case has rarely the most likely case. And so what i do. Fear is that there's still at least very distinct possibility that this season is littered with thirty eight to thirty five loss. Because they can't stop anybody. Maybe i i tend to really like a lot of the things they did defensively and there's the unknowns of trying to put it all together i mean to determine we've been using lot microwaving the defense i mean they're just trying just throws what we're doing in this room right. Yeah yeah this is not a soft defrost wearing towels. Yeah but they're trying to they're trying to put all the pieces. I liked the pieces trying to put them all back to get. And here's the thing dislike thing. They did from a personnel standpoint. What i don't know besides jesse bay to the difference makers can be well. Here's the problem is they. Were getting they were getting zero. And i mean as close to zero as possible production from your to into your defensive. Pass rushers when that's the case you got nothin' did we not just spend the last decade talking about how gino atkins was the absolute game changer. That was the beginning point for everything that happened on defense. You know i was listening to. It was a great podcast. That's called flying coach. Peter schrager is doing. Sean mcvay talk coaches and in fact we how aaron donald is the best cornerback in earlier. This is a great point. Yeah it's like look you're just you're decreasing the time to bengals. Last year had zero. They were getting nothing. Not a pressure not even thought of a pressure from there..

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