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I mean if you look back at equifax and all of the data that's out there for us i mean just this week orbits lost a bunch of data that was also old and as we move along we're going to see a lot of these old caches of data that are vulnerable that people can go into and that's going to be an issue moving forward for a long time is that all of this information on us is sitting out there and vulnerable and it's not a question you know strictly for what facebook is going to do but what are we going to do as a people what are we is our government going to do to try to protect us from anybody who wants to get to this outta tanya i know you've been talking to facebook employees how are they reacting well insiders inside of the company off the record have been saying that they have known about these issues for quite some time but they felt that the higher ups have not been listening really to the point of making true change and so it has taken something like this to really blow the lid from the outside to have the internal dialog about it all right thank you all china mostly jeremy owens and also jenny gephardt's and now a journalist who should be very familiar to our pbs audience judy woodruff the anchor of pbs news hour in two thousand thirteen she in the league when i feel made history when they became the nation's first all women network news anchor team this week it was announced which ruffle now officially be the show's sole anchor i sat down with judy woodruff recently when she visited the bay area and reflected on her journalism career judy woodruff such a pleasure to have you here thank you for joining us it's great to be here tweets always wonderful to come back to san francisco and to.

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