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In California, and a bunch of other countries, including Australia, India, Vietnam, and Brazil have similar minds. The president approving a major disaster declaration in Arkansas, after earlier record breaking rainfall triggered flooding and potential economic losses in the billions in Illinois near Saint Louis with the Mississippi River continues to. Is all wine bar is open for business. Despite the matter of feet away from the rising river, code, Ryan, gray, keeping a sense of humor with the businesses welcome side. Yeah, it says we turned our flood water into wine and then vice come on, in, you know, our, our doors wide open. And we just went into everybody know that the floods not stopping us emergency, flood while is helping Selena and many downtown abors stare sober tourist dollars. Shawn Balint, ABC news. Alton Illinois from rain and flooding to fire ABC news senior meteorologist rob Marciano firefighters still struggling to contain a fast moving wildfire in Arizona in Phoenix. The so-called mountain fire already burning through over seventy two hundred acres in the Tahoe national forest fire crews desperately battling the wildfire from the air trying to slow it down with retarded and water. Investigators say the fire is human caused specific as and electric cutting power to selected portions of northern California to guard against electric lines igniting wildfires. You're listening to ABC news. Sacramento's number one for breaking news, traffic and weather, I heart radio station, news, ninety three point one KFI gay, I'm in Delic, how Obioha news ninety three point one. K. F. B K. Our top stories fire crews are battling a grass fire in Rosemont after vehicle crash into a poll today. The accident happened on Brad shot and Jackson roads and officials say wires down according to the Sacramento fire department. It ignited the grass fire which is contained to about five acres. Westbound Jackson highway, Bradshaw road is closed while crews cleanup remaining hotspots two people were shot at a house party this morning. Brooklyn police say a group of people were leaving the party when someone fired into the grove street home. They were taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries the suspects. Fled the scene of are actively investigating whether details have been released if you plan to hit the road, this weekend, expect to pay an average price of three dollars and eighty five cents a gallon for gas. The Sacramento area. That's the word from gasbuddYcom local price of gas has dropped three cents since Monday, seven cents since last Friday and fifteen cents since early may. I'm in Jellico, Obioha, news ninety three point one. K. F. B. K. Obscene, lots of red lights, and Fairfield eastbound I eighty between Travis boulevard and North Texas street and watch out the Nelson fire off cordelia, rode and Leek road. Fairfield salon county has engulfed about twenty five acres and it's fifty percent. Contained. Steve Herero news ninety three point one k if PK. Plenty of sun this afternoon, breezy high in the upper eighties. The near ninety mostly clear tonight, low sixty one hotter, tomorrow up to ninety five very hot Monday. I wanted to ask you what, there's John Feerick news ninety three point one Kathy Kaye. Sacramento's number one for breaking news, traffic, and weather news ninety three point one. K are you car shopping? Are you concerned about overpaying now you can protect yourself from overpaying elk grove Toyota offers proof pricing, so authentic proof pricing is registered with the United.

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