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Things playing no it and go on the little leaders express such when ground until further notice hello Chuck fires it up search forty five traffic or the first number yep very is the king of all those junkets chocolate I wouldn't take that job no you know what I have to consider the source we only comes to be shown as like CNN thank you for that consideration thank you Mister Casey good morning brought to you is a service of Tripoli when I say king of all traffic on that's great news no no no no the preceding comments ladies and gentlemen listen just bought marks it's a service of Tripoli heating in there the beltway with the normal delay showing up now we're definitely back up at the old harbor tunnel even before the Donald street ramp single lane of course as you're moving south about ninety five starts to slow around o'donnell street eastern Avenue going into the fort McHenry tunnel key bridge a good option right now W. parkway cars every traffic south ninety five still okay in the back up on the outer loop towards New Hampshire Avenue the state police were checking on a broken down vehicle that had made it to the shoulder area city police around they have an accident might be a pedestrian struck at thirty third street at Ellis Lee Avenue the new dye conveyed air conditioning system from Tripoli is designed to provide you maximum comfort all the time in every room consistent temperature humidity control whisper quiet easy on your budget their toll free number is one eight hundred air repair.

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