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Eighty seven percent of them voted for him. He has basically saying to them you gave it to me not belongs to me no longer responsive to you. You may want that you may want me to go. But I won't because it belongs to me. Right. So that that is a very personal choice that he's making superseding any discuss from other black legislators in that in in in Virginia. And also, I believe from black voters in Virginia. And I think that blind voters have to look at that very seriously and say, this is what happens, right? So that that that you the people can racist who hate you. Also this wants to help you. I've been writing a book it I've been reading a lot about people who you know, abolitionist who also white supremacists. They did not believe in slavery whatsoever. And in fact, many of them in the war put their life on the line. So that there would be no more sleighs. And they absolutely did not believe that you were the same as them. They you not deserted say respect is them. Do not deserve to live in his community as them at all those two things exist, and that is a kind of a walking reality that black people find themselves in in America, whether they under kind of open, the express it or not that it's not just the people hate you who can be insensitive to you. And now you have to start going to the polls and making kind of specific demands about how you expect people to respect you at how much this closure you expect for them to have it when it comes to offending you care..

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