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While there does appear to be a reprieve for embattled deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein before flying to Florida together today. President Trump said this morning he had no plans to fire Rosenstein, traveling abroad. I didn't know rod before. I've got all get along. Very well. Aides say the two men spoke for about thirty minutes on the plane Rosenstein future appeared in doubt. After the New York Times reported last month that he had raised the possibility of secretly recording Trump and trying to build support to invoke a constitutional provision that allows the cabinet to remove the president to Americans have won the Nobel prize in economics for their work showing how climate change affects economies Yale's, William Nordhausen, NYU Stearns, Paul Romer were given the news today by the Swedish Royal Academy of sciences Romer said he was not expecting the prize. Two phone calls this morning, and I didn't answer either one because I thought it was some spam. Call the focus of this year surprise comes as the UN issued a dire warning on the urgent need to address climate change. US interior secretary. Ryan Zinke has approved a twenty year ban on new mining claims in the mountains north of Yellowstone National Park. This after two proposed gold mines raise concerns that the area could be spoilt Zinke signed the mineral band today. Michael has become a hurricane as the storm gets ready to move into the Gulf of Mexico. Forecasters at the National Hurricane Center saying Michael well move over very warm waters and could strengthen into a major hurricane by the time. It makes landfall in the Florida panhandle sometime mid week global news twenty four hours a day on air.

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