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Season. Go ahead. Tell me you get to choose the guy you who's delivering the ball through the air who do you? So so one year the three guys who are up as drew Brees, Patrick, Mahomes and Philip rivers and all three worthy guys. But if I had to pick one of these guys, but for nineteen I would have to go a Patrick Mahomes. I mean what he's done in just one season. He's electrified the NFL. He's he's changed. Kansas City's offense may totally. But what he's been able to do. And how he's been able to throw the football. Just incredible. Before we talk about some other some things back on the banks of the three rivers it occurs to me that you made a pretty savvy move. I remember you we've talked before I loved watching you in the Superdome with Notre Dame wearing that green six which was weird because you're a big dude in so when you wear the single digit, it doesn't look right Stefan to it. Take your six at Notre Dame. He had around nine nine either way big dudes like you shouldn't be allowed to do. Because it makes it hard to evaluate you for the next level because the number suit, you well, would you had to remember is when I was there all the other running backs has single digit numbers. So I was it was about the they Rick Mirer had number Dorsey Levens who went oh. Who transferred? He had number four. Ricky Watters at twelve Rodney Culver who was a big brother Mia number five. So it was it was the thing. Singing. You're keeping part of the group..

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