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And it's like if you're just great fighter. If you're supposed to be so good. Why don't you just take this man on straight head up on? None of that. No. You can't beat this weight. Or none of that. Actually, do the fight whatever this man come in that going near put about on them. Just just beat us and get the win that way. When you do get the way, and nobody has to be like, well, you know, he put the rehydration clause. And he drying Jacob. So you know, that's why he'd be like don't leave us any excuse to talk about your win. Just go near and get that win. And just leave it at that. You know what? I mean. That's just the only thing. I don't like, and I didn't see the Oscar really versus James fight. But I was thinking that for for Oscars. A couple of good five would be like maybe like Michael hunter, Charles Martin Carlos them. You know, something like that. That will be cool, man. I've seen the NAR is lose. I was like damn that kinda really shits on low most winning, right? Because this guy is not even supposedly. So this guy was kinda like a, you know, like a tuna for something and he just stops northern one round. But Lomo drive by him. I'm like that waters down his win. You know? So I I don't know. And then I was thinking when you always talking about the key, man, and pack, you know, kief we'll take that fight like keep will will will be Lopez. Instill sit back and like he need to three more tuna. But if they offer that pack fight him, he would take that pack side right after Lopez. No problem at all. And we all know that..

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