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They had some real issues in coverage and part of that was the extended plays, Tom trait. They're going to have to play. Absolutely their best football to Kansas City. Kansas City's defense is playing better than it has been. And it's gonna be interesting at you know, there's a lot of men man the first game. There's a it's going to be interesting to see how Bob Sutton changes up moving into this case. Teams play the two types four lead changes they were very evenly matched. This is a different patriots team. They don't look the same like missing. Key components players aren't playing the same. How different is the patriots. Will. I don't think the patriots are going to attack too much different. And in this. I mean week number six Nick and watched game differently. But we watched a game because we knew Coachman genie was gonna come in here who like we're sticking him saying watch a game. Right. So when we watch the game he means in the last twenty four hours, not when it happened. Because you really wanna see what are the differences in the team? And I just believe it's going to be impossible for knowing the do what they did very defense in the red zone was remarkable Patty Mahomes did miss a couple early. But their defense was remarkable. So to answer the first question that's how they're able to keep up with other offenses. This is how Bella check has done it through the years. Look at all the historic oftens that he's faith and he's faced a bunch of them going back to the colts going back to the Rams the greatest show on turf. Even the I'm sorry. The even the Super Bowl against the falcons that was the highest scoring offense in NFL history. But so all of these things what do they do? They do it by they're going to have good red zone defense. Now, you might build make some big plays going up and down the field. But that's the thing. That's been a constant. That's how they're able to keep pace the other way that they're able to keep pace with these prolific teams is they believe in Coachman Jeanie said it in the break was there's a day in in NFL you can put hands on a guy now. They still believe it in at believe in that. But variety of different ways watch Dante Hightower why the other linebackers the other defense of ends watch. What they do to Travis Kelsey now they are terrified of tire. He'll when he's in the slot or in these bunch formations they have some problems as far as coverages. But what they've done is specially to to the tight end they're going to be physical with him. Coming off the line of scrimmage. That's one way that Bill has done it through the years. And that's what they've done in the previous meetings with the cheese with Travis Kelsey, I on offense also included on defense or gronk is not playing the way we thought he would Josh Gordon is not even on the team anymore. It's a different offense to see to keep pace with a very high octane offense like this chase one. I would imagine they got their work cut out for them. It will just in Houston his back as well. Chris Jones is is playing very well. He's a different player than I think people and tested yen being was in that first meeting too. I think that was the game that he started this tremendous streak. Having the second every game. Yeah. And then you look they're gonna they're gonna Butch Kelsey at the line. They're gonna hit them. They're going to put two guys on them. We did it with Tony Gonzalez. You're gonna keep trying disrupt his routes that the difficult thing for New England is it's a week instead of two weeks. It's on the road. There's going to be a bunch of noise in this offense, their shifts. There's motions there's multiple personnel groups there's gadget formations they pressure the whole field and New England is a rule based defense. And what I mean by that is they're going to have double teams, they're going to have things to take with the best players for made formatted on rules now when you shift and motion and put variables in place. There's a chance to have those rules expose, and I think Kansas City does a really good job naturally with their offense and doing the one name..

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