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Determine the third one. And then the other passed a good win over there. I don't know many assists credited him for, but you can make the argument that he's started at least four scoring plays in that last segment. So again, we maybe don't talk about Rex enough because he's doing all those things that don't show up in the statute. But he's really been sort of the the what do I want to glue guy? Yeah. He's right now. He's there do everything either great guy. He's got three assists, four rebounds. Looney kept the Senate early. Seven rebounds. I what four minutes of the game. He's got five points four for Durham. I'll tell you what you on Durham fascinated me since day one because under name is not had that kind of shot blocker in the middle of their defense for a while. But he's got some offense of talent. He in fact, he's the only guy and his team that's ever played here before he helped yukons or four points back in two thousand sixteen. We Yukon upset Syracuse here at the garden of December game, he's the only member of this donating spotted played on this floor before tonight. All right. Across the way Pflueger will inbound right in front of the Oklahoma bench. Eight seconds left on the shot clock gets it down. Low Mooney Mooney. Fakes powers is way out rather. Good tips. Looney stuck with it again couple of offensive rebounds there and the Irish with three twenty four twenty one back down the other way with the basketball hands it off to change drives. Good, but the manic no good tiptop an Christian Doolittle getting up there. Twenty six twenty one. Oklahoma leading by five here comes up between the circles on over. Not a good one. Good one to Harvey Carvey puts it on the floor up top now Pflueger Pflueger between the circles beyond the three point arc of the NBA. Now inside the college three point arc is step back. Jumper is no good manic with the Reebok handed off to Callixte. He collects me racing down the floor. Prolixity all the way to the it up. No good got fouled before he took off on the drive, and that's just a little bit too easy. For me. If I'm looking at Prentiss up in transition there you gotta take the man away from the middle. You gave them an angle to get right into that paint force. Amanda the outside. We can't do anything to you skin to sharp of a cut there. And I'm sure if there's a film session on this game or maybe a private wanting. Hey, you're young man. But we gotta keep those guys out of the paint. Especially in transition that was a little bit too. Busy four fouls on the Irish so far.

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