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Today so we were gonna dedicate today show to team canada's hockey team from nineteen seventy two about that nice nice and i did ed's good we're gonna get into john daly withdrawing from the british open because you're not allowed to use the card this time we've got a relationship advice we've learned from love affair with collide leonard we're jill delivers in canada's what we are a juvenile baseball is justin verlander says an effing joke he's starting in the major league baseball all star game imagine if he weren't end a also are whipple today is where is your love of baseball standing right now i i was fascinated by this toronto fc story because one of the things you like to do in the context of telling you stories is when there's a random guy whose name doesn't really matter you tend to comb hey galardo guy over there is this some guy in colorado radic toronto toronto fc has signed a winger ericsson galardo no i love it i guess that aren't always the sports fray yeah i love the well i always loved a a listening to deem brown and gordy woody wilson doing they broadcast of the sense games because of the puck would get flipped i've you know this better than anyone when the puck will get flipped over the boards and a player would have to be blowing down he deemed would always say and there it is got up to the sex role and there is a you know mrs part of in who's coming from penn broker what you remember when he did that all the time he'd make up these names in places where people were from absolutely yeah it's hilarious so i always like that so those are the sort of board that from dino where you gotta you gotta throw naming and you're doing the story i'd be remiss if i didn't talk a little bit about deans accident it happened a couple of days ago 'em so it was a big accident on the four seventeen here in two people died oh i saw that is absolutely awful yeah and it was i think it was the same conclusion of a police chase i think the chase it led up but i guess the person that was chased when you're basically tipped over to the other side of the road and went indian coming traffic and it was just a an awful awful crash in fact my wife and we'd known about the crash but there were no names involved in she texted me and said that dean was in that crash and i'm like oh my god and then kind of buried delete a little bit and said he's fine he's he's he's he's banged up and bruised 'em but we're certainly feels so horribly for the two people died in that in that horrible crash but at the same time thankful that a friend dean came through it okay he tweeted out after he said many thanks everybody checking in on me suing her mom were all sore but fine we were in that big crash on the four seventeen teen today in a there are things we saw today that we can never unsee no words to describe how grateful we are the police fire and paramedics he's a fantastic people they see the most horrific things and still do their job no matter what they do their job with professionalism and humanity during the most inhumane times and there were i've seen a bit of the wreckage and a boy dean had to be pretty messed up after seeing all that you know i read that tweet an didn't realize it was dean i sort of flip through them you know i don't a when i saw them that we've seen stuff that will never be able to be unseen you know and i totally understood what he was saying well lucky gains lucky dean you know a that that stuff it just puts you know when you hear things like that 'em it it's it's sort of like it's not real you know when you hear that stuff you here on movies but boy when it gets close the whole everything's just just it's like someone punches me and it just the windows automated going what happened oh no no grow so i will think about that think about that everybody's all right and and boy you gotta feel free other people some long days ahead to get over that yeah i wish i was in a bad one a not dwell on this but when my a we lived up in chelsea when i went to high school when my my dad was speaker that's that's where the speaker lift up there and me and i went to school downtown in ottawa a pious and we have to drive everyday on highway five a you know the the guy that goes north from hall i still call it how i see a wheel around the where the casino is there used to be a big corey there it's probably all filled in now but there's a big sweeping turn once you sort of leave hall and you start headed up north end so this is in the seventies like until exactly what it was a i was in great so nineteen seventy four five ninety five or six and a man my brother joey were sitting in the back of my sister maryland power driving and we're wheeling around that band innocently going around but there is no guardrail there is no guardrail when they first built this highway and a kid was coming the other way and jumped the median and if you took a snapshot of right right before impact his his truck spun around and was in front of us looking like he was going the same way but he's acsi coming out as backwards and my sister tractor we'll in the back of the truck hit the left side of my car and a my brother joey once you know went through the side window it was a horrendous car accident horrendous car accident you had something like two hundred stitches in his face was a litany of plastic surgery operations that he had later on a after it was so scarred that they keep they keep rio operating steve to relieves the pressure from these guys 'cause he was growing he was only eleven or twelve years old you know when this happened in a or so they kind of have to cut the open again to kind of make room for the growth they did you know that that i i guess the the the pressure from the scarring will sort of i mean the kid pissed glass vert for two years and you went through the side windows smashed into his face and a you know the the one of the sort of side effects of that was my my prepare enjoy enjoy was of course the kids were later on died in a in a motorbike accident a ten years later in nineteen eighty six and so there's been some bad luck you know what are family but it really calls into question the the parents i remember my dad say you know if i wouldn't he keep going further and further back in his life a sort of blaming himself for this you know like if i was if i wouldn't have taken this job is you kids wouldn't have been on the highway a you know my god why did i do that and a you know and he kept you know if i wouldn't have been a lawyer i wouldn't have gone to a suburb by by by just get it was incredible effect that had on them the parents were they trying to take the blame for this stuff and of course it wasn't their fault you know so i could when i hear these accidents i always think of that that the that the people around them 'em have to go through a terrible time sort of guilt a lotta times about this thing but yeah as stuff that's out of their control completely like i mean it's i mean it's a story that doesn't even compared of the things you just talked about but just last week i'm driving home at about eleven at night down a old country highway an when the biggest dear i've ever seen absolutely sprints out in front of me i jam on the brakes with just enough time and i just missed his ass as he sprinted across the road and i stopped through at three seconds and then i carry on with my life like what if i'd taken a little longer time my shoe earlier or whatever you you're always second guessing yourself when it comes to things like that and then of course the reality is and you know you it's an exercise that you know you shouldn't even dabble in yeah i mean you go back i go back to one of the one of these 'em you were there to when nine eleven happened we're on the air yep a it happened never forget that morning no of course and there were tens and nine in the morning we've we sign off at nine o'clock this couple of monitors that were in the studio just take people back end end gerald signing off and he looked up and you could see this a as j are put it at all my gosh looks like there's been an accident that a small plane has gone into the the building you know because of the world trade center is just so big and i remember looking at that and sending myself because i was just there the january before i was in new york and is that the world trade center and i remember it's massive you know the base of those two towers they go six seven blocks each you know there but it looks like when you see it on tv it looks like he's just a block wider half of this hour shoots up and i said you wouldn't even see a plane a little playing like that and and then of course ten minutes later life upside down you know life is upside down and then and then what happened when 'em you know to use the crazy expression when the when the dust settles from that there were stories of people that that that became beyond the eye opening of people who were were going to be at the world trade center and only by chance they didn't end up there that morning they on their way there there were stories of people who who thought they had a dental appointment at one in the afternoon and they looked at their calendars illinois what's at eight thirty i gotta go to the dentist and didn't end up office the world trade center a one of the craziest stories i remember steve was you remember we weren't sure what to do when we got called in the program back so we gotta we gotta try and go back on air were gonna flip the format they flipped it over to see operate when when it.

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