Sudan protesters begin 2-day strike to press ruling military


The sound of protesters, taking part in a two day general strike since mid January Sudan has been in turmoil. Persistent demonstrators demanding a revolution in the way politics is done. Have already achieved a huge amount President, Omar al-bashir stood down in April having held onto powerful three decades with the army's full backing a military council took over and that council, and the opposition protest movement have been in Tokyo about the future of the country. But those, those talks have stalled throw into this mix Amand cooled. Yes Amman, who has just returned to Saddam to try and help. He was a rebel leader, who has been living in exile, his return to Sudan comes despite having been sentenced to death in absent you. So when did he decide to return to Saddam against oats, I decided to come to them because I'm sentenced to this and the this cintas has been repealed, but you're doing. All that for the sake of peace combines abyss was set. The organization social Justice on it was citizenship for all students. The death sentence that you mention was passed on you in obscenity. Did you have any conversations with anyone in already before you made the decision to return? No, I tried. But it was not successful, but I decided just to come because I'm coming by the mission of Sudan, Stephen or visions, and I'm still here. I'm going to continue never go outside, Sudan. I don't have much. Ability, only from this soil of sedan. Are you expecting to join those currently stalled talks between the transitional military council and the opposition alliance. Well, I'm looking for that. But from wherever I am. I'm ready to help the bottom line that I'm ready to offer whatever we have a four divorces of democracy and change. We are part of them, and we was going to a building a coalition that can lead the interim period. And we're looking for at the creation of intent to end wars, all of Sudan we out of forms of pretty. You were of course, parcel of an armed struggle against President Omar Al Bashir in the Blue Nile state, but will you continue to do an armed struggle against the Sudanese government in, in relation to the Blue Nile state. Only blue line is that forages Nova mountains is everywhere. We need that strategy exit from almost into politics, lives. There is a just cause for those people are fighting, and they have an issue that needs to be addressed through causes causes that can bring stability to Sudan. Ready to do anything that will help an strategic exit for Amstrad into a political historian time for it. Okay. So given your own personal experience involved in an armed struggle against the Sudanese authorities. How much do you trust those who all sitting at the table in the transitional military council. Well, we can build trust. Trust is visible, and then what I came here on the ticket or Sudanese people. I trust is people have confident umbrellas and I'm in very emotional yesterday, when I visited I doubt me, and I believe those people that was deserve better. And Sudan, neither news cubic adding that we everybody that will have a professional our the era of the sun. Has they voted to destroy Sudan, Africa? Because Africa is diverse continent. And when you talk about political Islam, being something that should be eradicated in Sudan. I wonder about the role of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Egypt inside Sudan, and in particular, on the Sudanese military bullet get has ruling Saddam for years. They destroyed the Sudanese social fabric because one dimension it. And they build a db state, we need to deal with this d state for the suit, Geremia Emirates and Egypt and all of them were already to deal with them on an equal footing. And from there we can do relation. We can do business with all other countries. You say you are impressed by the, the meetings that you've had with people who are continuing to demonstrate is there, any sense that you get there is a loss of momentum that people all getting tired that they are less willing to continue the protests. I'm basically impressed because they have resulted in their faces in the is in their the way they did it me. And. And especially the user doing courage in me, not to their issues aside, and they said, we they need a new society. They need a new country. A new social political decision and I'm committed for that. Did do you support the general strike that is taking place today? Absolutely. We supported the strike because we need to send one message that people's need change. This change should be expected, and we need to encourage everybody gritty literally council to speed up Shane's and Kuta civilian government, which is among, and it is a need, because there is a vacuum now is country. And we are supporting but as same time, we're supporting speeding up negotiations with literary.

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