Austrian president dismisses Kurz govt, seeks interim leader


The Austrian chancellor Sebastian cores has been ousted from office after a scandal involving his former coalition partners and Norris. Kevin reports that country's president will choose an interim leader to serve until a snap election can be held later this year, ten days ago is the best in courts abruptly ended his governing coalition with Austria's forage Freedom Party after its highest ranking member vice-chancellor Heintz. Tuukka was featured an undercover? Video appearing to offer public contracts to Russian oligarch in exchange for political support Mr. cords who at thirty two was the world's youngest head of state also called for a snap election in September, but despite a strong showing in the elections for his party. Mister Coors has now become the first chancellor post where Austrian history to lose a confidence vote in a Facebook post, Mr. cores accused his former coalition partners of playing a game of revenge added that it would be up to the people to decide his fate by voting and

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