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You can't write off that home office. Best to get the advice of a tax prep. Pro more than ten thousand dollars in taxes to the IRS programs that can reduce or eliminate your debt now. Call FOX tax at eight hundred six eight zero eight eighty ninety eight hundred six eight zero eight thousand ninety. Todd ant ABC news. Hi, this is Sam from carjon welcome back snowbirds. We're the only company that goes toe to toe with carmax by being conveniently located across the street in Boynton beach, just west off I ninety five and on sample road in Palm Beach downstream. Karamat? Don't get the max get the most for your car from car drop. Visit carmax then come see us across the street to get more money for your vehicle have a car that's been sitting all summer now. Get an additional two hundred dollars on top of your appraisal with our welcome back snowbirds special. Call and ask about our Mullah by service. Welcome to you Google car shopping, call today five six one seven three three nine nine one nine car job. CBS twelve as chief meteorologist airing christianson is we have through our weekend. Former in the low eighties. We'll top eighty one Saturday with a thirty percent chance for rain eighty four come Sunday with a lesser twenty percent chance to the umbrella overnight. Senate from the yarn Levin studios. Anna in Levin accident attorneys skull one eight hundred seven four seven free. That's one eight hundred seven four seven three seven three three. It's Red Eye Radio. Gary McNamara and Eric Harley talk about everything from politics to social issues and news of the day. Whether you're up late or you're just starting your day one of the show..

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