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So A Bola the the the civil into a bowl is kill so fast that outbreaks burn themselves out after, you know, a few hundred patients, or, you know, a a relatively small amount of patients because of the fact that kills people so fast the virus has it's hard for the virus to transport hosts, you know, that viruses main goal is not to kill. It's to replicate. So the virus is always searching for a host that it can live in without killing the host, and multiply and multiply in humans a bowl is very deadly. And it tends to kill humans pretty fast. So the outbreaks tend to to burn themselves out pretty quick kind of silver lining of it. But breath thinks interesting about this outbreak is, you know, consider what if this wasn't an a bull outbreak. What at this was an outbreak of a new strain of smallpox, that's not vaccinate -able or what if it's a strain of the flu. And what if it occurs in a similar situation? You know, then you're going to see how. Ow. Political conflict within one country, and you know, different militias can create the stage for a pandemic to occur. So in that case, it's you know, hopefully. I don't know what the policy course correction needs to be to to fight this out. But I think this is really gonna be an acid test of how NGOs and the governments of the country. You're gonna come together and decide you know, how how do we fight an outbreak? When the citizenry is up in arms, and there's militia groups because that's a that's a thing. We figure out now we're lucky that is a bowl that's not, you know, super contagious, and can in fact, twenty million people in a few months, so hopefully, the different policy makers are watching the situation and learning from it. So that when a different outbreak occurs under similar circumstances. They can be better prepared than they were this time. You really have to applaud these groups like Doctors Without Borders because I mean, they're truly putting their life on the line to to help things like this, and to you know, hall to these outbreaks, but as you said six hundred twenty patients in Africa that's going to spread and it's pretty shocking in probably do you. Oh, how many people were infected in the largest outbreak like eleven thousand four hundred. So I mean, it wouldn't be shocking. If we got to that considering as you said, the number is tripled, we're teetering on the edge of a cliff here because where the outbreak is centralized in the Democratic Republic Congo. It's very likely that it could spread to south Sudan and Uganda. So although the US stopper, though, these NGOs have stopped operations for the time being in the areas of the DRC that are hit. They are over in south Sudan are over in Uganda where it's relatively safer, and they are starting to vaccinate the people that are likely come in contact with refugees from the DRC. So that is that's the kind of our our line of defense here to prevent that spread because once it enters the population of a different country than you know, then it that's what really did in the two thousand fourteen outbreak was spread over several countries. You know, obviously somewhere harder hit than others. But you know, luckily, the Abol operate is still contained to the DRC, but we did have one American physician flown back to the United States after a possible Bulla exposure like a week and a half for two weeks ago and the physicians currently at the university of Nebraska medical center, and he's being monitored. Or he or she is being monitored. There's been no information of who the physician is what they were doing the DRC how they were exposed or what their condition is the last. I heard the hospital staff is not treating the doctor as a patient, there'd be more or here. She is more like on an observation status. Just make honor. Yeah. Just making sure he he's he or she doesn't do belt the virus. But there is someone back in the United States that was confirmed a possible exposure confirmed possible who was confirmed to be exposed to it. So the next topic. We wanted to hit here as said we've like an array of topics that we wanted it with Joe to Americans caught fighting for ISIS. Yeah. These dudes. Sorry. I got to remain objective. These guys is like when you read about them..

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