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I don't know what I'm excited about, but I'm excited. Let's dive in. Most hosts never achieve the results they hoped for. They're falling short on listenership and monetization, meaning their message isn't being heard and their show ends up costing them money. This podcast was created to help you grow your listenership and make money while you're at it. Get ready to take notes. Here's your host, Adam Adams. What's up podcaster? It's your friend. Adam Adams. And actually I have somebody that works with me on the show in the house, the virtual house. Mister Brian Newell, how's it going Brian? Adam, I'm doing fantastic. Happy to be on the show. Awesome. It is good to have you. And we're talking about show notes, because you know what's funny. I've been on a lot of the podcasting groups, for example, Facebook, and some other places where there's a lot of people wanting to know how to do show notes. And frankly, there's been times that I have somebody that's coming in and doing a discovery call or I have them on our show. So they're a podcaster. They're either wanting to work with us or they're having me on their show. And I look at their show notes and they just suck. They're just terrible. In a long time ago, I perfected the 6 part show note system. And then I forgot all about what the 6 part show system is because other people do it for me, including mister Brian Newell. So Brian is going to share with you just how it is that we grow your show. When we're editing and doing post productions for our clients, what are we doing for them? What does the show notes look like? What's important? What are the 6 parts? How do you do the 6 parts? What are the benefits of having all 6 parts? So that's really what we're going to talk about. We want to make sure that you're show notes don't suck. If your show notes suck, it's not going to grow your show nearly as much as it will if they're good. Brian, I make it a habit of not doing this to any of our guests ever..

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