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But that year so connected to yourself and your own strength and belief in yourself that you become a more compassionate open hearted. Joyful person in life just changes. It's not this drudgery but it's a place of unbelievable possibility. That's fantastic and I know it's written for an individual but is this something families could do together. I mean we're stuck together right now anyway. Is this something you could do. As a unit I have thought about that and I think it would be so powerful. If young people could learn these ideas and could delve into who they are emotionally and step away from the belief systems that they've been raised bit tap into the beliefs that they have at their core because they're not as layered with all of the human experience that those of us that are older are they're much more connected to that place where we came from whatever that is and they can access creativity in a way that. I don't think adults can and I think it would be a really exciting thing to take on as a family to move through and I just think parents are going to have to step aside sometimes and let the kids race forward as they grapple with all the things that they have to release before they can catch up to the kids. Yeah and it seemed like it can build so much closeness and respect for one another. I think so too. I think that it would give a lot of insight for both children into the parents which I think is an interesting dynamic to be able to see them as human beings is flawed human beings and then his parents to be able to see their children's gifts and also the things that are starting to develop. That could really get in their way further down the line. And if you could nip that early you're going to help the child to achieve greater success earlier and not have to struggle may be quite so much. That's terrific. Well we're GONNA come back and we're going to tell people how they can learn more about where to get your book and find out a little bit more about it but Martha it was wonderful to talk to you. I really excited to dig into this workbook myself. Because I've been going through as prepared for best and it really is a fantastic tool and as I said what better time you know. We've all finished the tiger gang so we can now move on to something else in. That can be your workbook. Oh thank you. I'm so grateful for this opportunity. I can't express my gratitude enough to you and also your enthusiasm about the workbook just makes my heart feel so good so.

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