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Yeah. Not not at all. Then have that. He's an amazing. Chris Devin Bush said he did. And then again, why do I keep blanking on the young, man? Who's the cornerback who was the first to say it? But so I guess corners in linebackers doing staring contest. But not you know know, how would you do in a staring contest, you know, in that type of circumstance come out on top Lonnie Johnson. Right. Lonnie johnson. Okay. I would do it right now. But I don't wanna get into all that right now with you. When you sat out the peach bowl against Florida to prepare for the draft. Was you Ron Higdon and how tough was that to to tell Harbaugh? This is what you were going to do. Yeah. Does you know with my decisions on my life? Does by one heart is ones added, you know, come up with, you know, sitting down my family in on, you know, coming up to a conclusion, and Dan, you know, taking it to you know, hardball, and Dan coach Brown and Madison and just, you know, I was crying, you know, the Michigan a laid everything I wanna feel for my brothers, my coaches, you know, the fans and everything so Michigan's always going to be a part of me, just, you know, having that decision, you know, being made and going to coach hogwash and having him. You know agree with me. So you know that made it better, but you know, leaving your team on notable. Sue, you're changing, you know, making the best decision for you. It was always he said he agreed with you in just a. And did anybody bring this up to you at the combine under the concept of you may be leaving your teammates behind because that's what a lot of NFL evaluators, sometimes might view that there's some value eaters at frown upon that. I'm not one of them just I'm not an evaluator. I'm not saying that. But I'm just asking you that it's sort of a devil's advocate here. Oh, yeah. No, definitely understand. What a, you know, going through the combine and asking questions is more of a, you know, what was your thought process in why he did as low, you know, just going through a process like dodgers beyond his any. No say what it is. Okay. Let's show it right here. Rashawn Gary on the screen all describe it to the radio audience. This was the worst part of the simul camp for me, and my run rich run was when they actually had all the Michigan guys come run right straight through me. Right there. Now, it looks like Rashawn we're all chasing, Devon Bush. But it does look like you get one of its redder. Of course. What do you mean? Of course. Chase Noah fascinating. He does. Of course, does Devon note that you could have run faster. Do you think Devon everybody who knows me light to compete of? I get another crack at it. I'm gonna make sure okay. Do it. I gotta do. Okay. Were you on the field prior to the Michigan state game to know as one that was our for me that was one, you know, I was in my apartment watching right? You're in the apartment watching. That's right. What did you think of when you saw devonte tear up the middle of the field with with his with his cleats that just a game? I was I was there for on. You know, every time you go play. I little sister. Oh, boy little sister. Oh my gosh. Knows always type of passionate anger that you have that game. Just saying no, my brother got there with the most. I would have had times a hundred you know, it hurts, but you know, came out with the winning we own Michigan period. Okay. By the way to d be leaned into the microphone for that. Yes. So anybody know out there for you? Stay fans university of Michigan wolverines that's our state period in the BBC on next year. Well, we'll see you in the National Football League soon to Sean Gary. We'll see you soon to thanks for coming on the show, man. I really really appreciate it. Good luck to you moving forward and not just with football with everything else off the field. Rashawn Gary, sports and more and go, you know, go roll next Thursday night. Oh, absolutely. I'm enjoying my. Okay..

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