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Thursday night nine pm eastern star time his opponent that night will be luiz for for me now let me turn it over to jon morgan yeah well i did one asking me talking about the mentality in the mindset i mean how does this compare to when you came to the ufc because you know i in bella tore you on top of the heap but things weren't great around there right and and come to the kind of a fresh start and now this of course i think is a fresh start as well but you know maybe you're coming up those losses instead so give me an idea what is the mindset like now versus then how do they compare yeah the mindset now is you know i really haven't i'll guess that i don't put much energy and and being with bella toward a ufc and i tried my best and just move forward because the the more time you put into this idea of well obvious here and i was here and i was doing this and doing this and things then do the way i want the the time that you put into that the time that you need to be putting into the gym so my mindset has just been out here during the best i possibly can do for professional fighters league and and really just trying to make sure that i'm just get back to winning period like that's just my mindset is i don't care wait i don't care where i don't care the name of organization i don't care the label cared a group of guys who run organization i don't care i just want to get back to winning and bottom line my mindset right now and and that's just the approach i want to continue to take throughout this format with professional fighters league and just throughout the rest of how much time i got him out cruise just hey let's just get back to fighting and just stay consistent winning you know what i did wonder about that because i saw you were out you know thrown out the opening pitch earlier this week i mean here it's fight week it sounded like a pretty cool moment for you but i did just wonder under this pf l format where it's basically just win and your checks calm i mean is there any like i.

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