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Can make a quick driver slow down and stop crashing, but you can't really make a slow driver. You know, any faster. So I think he's got that speed. I really rate him, I think he's the best Japanese driver we've seen for many a year, potentially could even be the best we've ever seen. I think Red Bull obviously the sort of let's say the title engine partnership is going away, but I think obviously it's going to be there in spirit and I think he's going to be a big part of that Red Bull family going going forward. I'm really impressed with him. He's just got to keep the car out of the wall. So as long as he can balance balance the finishes that's the finishes and the speed with keeping the car out of the wall. I think he's got a really big future. I'm a fan of his. Yeah, I'm beginning to wonder what you were talking about with the partnership. You know, with Honda and Honda leaving. Now that they're doing so well, you know, wondering if, you know, if they're thinking to themselves, wow, maybe we shouldn't have decided to leave Formula One now because they're on the verge of winning constructors championship with Red Bull. You know, they're very close to doing it. It can be done. But yeah, I mean, you can know that I think he's a massive potential. There are a lot of people feel like you're gazing may have another shot on the main Red Bull team at some point. But, you know, don't doubt Sunoco. That Yuki out of that pen tension as well. Let's actually pick up on that point. The Pierre gasly and Red Bull point because he's said recently that you know he feels that he does deserve another shot at the C and I think there is absolutely no denying that he has been on an incredible incredible form. This season. And it's really showing up consistently putting in those solid solid performances. Do you think that he should get another shot in that Red Bull C and also do you think that it would be wise for him to have another shot? Because I know there are some people who think that actually he is excelling because he is in an environment that works for him. He is able to, you know, he's been able to find his own footing within the alpha charity team without the pressures that you have from being in those top top teams such as Red Bull. What are your thoughts on it? Seth, you go first. The thing is, I think, with any teammate that's going to come alongside Max Verstappen just like any teammate that comes alongside Lewis Hamilton is going to have to deal with understanding that you're going to have to be patient. You're going to have to wait for your time. You know, you're going to have to wait because these star drivers have moved the team and their favorite move that shifted that garage into their favor to where you're going to have to just wait, you know, and wait for those opportunities to come along now. You can of course you can fight for that. And that's what you do when you get on team and you have a star superstar driver. You want to fight to try to get that momentum to swing to your side of the garage. You know, so and I think Pierre gasly can do that. You know, I think he can he can get in there and take the fight to match, just like Sergio. I mean, we're waiting for that. I'm waiting for that at some point. I'm waiting for Sergio if you can surgery earn that. He'd have such an impressive record. He can deliver when you need him to. It's like a no brainer that he should not be fighting max in this championship battle as well. Valtteri should be fighting for a championship. Well, you know, Perez, you know, Sergio should be fighting for one as well. I'd look at it as to what went wrong last time. Was it just a mental thing? Was it that he couldn't drive, you know, the direction of the car in terms of setup? Was it just that max steamrolled him, which, you know, Seth makes a very good point. Max has put a lot of effort just like Lewis has into making that team revolve around him. So, you know, all the focus is on one side of the garage and not on the other. Maybe we saw it again today. The reason, you know, max had a drink system throughout the race and we saw there was a panic before the race. Check O didn't. So suddenly, you know, so much focus gets put on one side of the garage, but that sort of, you know, they deciding point for that. Only happens on performance, performance, whether it's mental, whether it's physical, whether it's car setup, simulator, all these vast parameters that go into Formula One. And I go back to saying well, what went wrong? Pierre had the chance he had those races and he really, really sucked, compared to max, you know, he just didn't perform. I know he can perform because I've seen him perform. And I know that he could do it in a fast car as well as a midfield car like an alpha Tori. So what went wrong? Deconstruct that, you know, maybe has to go and see a mental coach or something like that. And then come back, you know, stronger, a stronger driver. And I think he can do that as we say, maybe that chance will never come around, you know, maybe that was his one and only shot, you know,.

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