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Oh well they'll be retroactive to the date of the incident happened in the but oh man look coincidences right before october it'll be bullshit but it is what it is you know the uc still hammer djing money and they like towns before so listen punk is on on another pay per view card they are greg hardy is getting to try out unbelie nobody was unbelievable but they don't even care it's like bam pr whatever whatever some pr that good bad as long as it's something because you know when greg hardy fights on a uc pay per view it'll be on espn it'll be on fox it'll be on yahu i mean we're we're looking we were talking about this group chat day it's hard as hell to get may story or normal anime story on the front page yahu if your name and i wanna mcgregor greg hardy will do that and this i mean you know i worked for yahoo not to give what's always goes on behind the scenes but yes we look bigger stories like in greg hardy i've written about every greg hardy fight for yahoo and it's been on the front page that tells you how much attention is with greg hardy versus anybody else varas like nobody else moves the needle but greg hardy moves in the u so i get why they signed it it gets traffic like people wanna watch him fight i guess no yeah i mean it's polarized it's a topic of conversation and that's what they need most understand that let's go to pro wrestling.

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