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In this episode of the ben green finish oh how to maximize stem cell health why branched chain amino acids don't work does intermittent fasting lower hormones how to get a better score on a v o two max test and much more he's an expert in human performance nutricia voted america's top personal trainer and one of the globes most influential people in health and fitness his show provides you with everything you need to optimize physical and mental reform since he is ben greenfield power dougherty balance whatever it is the natural all the studies done he's shown the greatest out the cassisi all the information you need in one books right here right now on the ben greenfield fitness podcast bracha almost cancelled our podcast recording today canceled i know i got a very panicked email from you last night and i was on pins and needles waiting to see you made it back from where you in florida as an flora i wasn't panicked i was just sitting in chicago waiting for my flight to leave two hours after supposed to leave and realizing i was gonna have to get my ass out of bed this morning and come talk to you but i got some sleepytime on the got upgraded at first class was able to sleep on the airplane and i have a tip for everyone maybe maybe maybe i'll post this to our ben greenfield instagram channel i couldn't find my sleeping mask and who who can sleep on an airplane without a sleep mask all those bright christmas lights shining on and off and people call on the flight attendants and watching television and and of course the bright glare of the drink cart as they pass by in the light flashes off the lutes so distract.

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